The Best Indoor Team Building Activities

    Team building is something that can benefit businesses at any time of the year. Unfortunately, the weather can get in the way of many popular activities. Thankfully, the best team building activities can be enjoyed in any weather.

    Indoor Games 

    Playing games is one of the best ways to encourage team building. When your employees have the chance to play games with each other, they’ll be able to relax and get to know their co-workers as people. This can make it easier for them to work together on challenging projects.

    There are all kinds of appealing games that can easily be played indoors. For example, you could have everyone put the name of a famous person on their forehead, then ask questions to find out who they are. You could play telephone Pictionary, a game where players sit in a circle and draw a phrase in a booklet. The booklet is passed down the circle, and the next player has to guess at what they were trying to draw, then draw their version of that phrase before passing the book to the next person. You could even have a board game tournament!

    Puzzles are another excellent option. Puzzles require strategic thinking, especially when the puzzles are fairly large. Solving a puzzle with other people can speed up the process, but only if everyone works together!

    One of the best things about having your workers play a game is that it gives you flexibility. A lot of team-building games can be completed within 20 minutes. You could also devote an entire day to game playing. No matter what you do, you’ll find no shortage of games that can be played indoors. 

    Cooking Activities 

    Preparing a meal with others requires you to think strategically and work cooperatively. It also requires you to work on a time limit. You have to watch the clock closely as you cook!

    Because of this, if you have access to a large kitchen, you may want to divide your co-workers into groups and have a cook-off! You can even look at TV cooking competitions for inspiration. 

    While the meals your workers create may not be gourmet dishes, everyone will have a lot of fun cooking together. Best of all, you can let everyone enjoy the food that they prepared after the competition is over. 


    In the workplace, you often have to come up with solutions on the fly. Improv requires people to use the same kinds of skills they have to use on the job. That’s why it’s one of the best team building activities 

    Improv games don’t require a lot of space; you just need a place for people to sit and watch their co-workers perform. There are all kinds of improv games that you can ask people to play. Make sure that you have people take turns so that everyone gets a chance in the spotlight. 


    You can easily rent a karaoke machine and bring it to the office. You can also bring your workers to a karaoke bar! No matter where you go, letting your workers sing their hearts out will give their co-workers a chance to see them in a new light. 

    Karaoke is popular all over the world, and for good reason! Singing can elevate your mood and even increase your energy levels. It’s a wonderful way to help your workers bond with each other. 

    These are a few of the best corporate team building activities. You shouldn’t feel limited if the weather is keeping you from outdoor team-building exercises. There are countless activities that your team can enjoy without ever leaving the office.


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