Important Mobile Commerce Security Measures

    Mobile commerce has turned viral these days as it provides the ease of accessing commercial transactions online which also includes purchasing and selling of products. There are several other forms of mobile commerce which also involve paying bills and online banking. 

    As the advancement in mobile commerce grows enormously, the threat behind handling the platform has also increased. It is recommended to ensure security while using mobile commerce platforms, provided mobile commerce owners are advised to get their websites installed with the necessary security measures. 

    In today’s post let us look at some of the important mobile commerce security measures that not only prevent your mobile commerce website but also preserve customer data. 

    Let’s get started!!!

    Before we try to understand the security measures, let us consider knowing the concern in M-commerce in terms of security and privacy. 


    • Validation Concern: 


    In the M-commerce world, data is considered the biggest asset hence, it requires a lot of security and authentication. With m-commerce, people tend to share their data with their services providers. The data that is collected on the platform is stored as a database. 

    In case, if the user wishes to access his data, he/she needs to log in every time. This has turned out to be one of the big concerns. People cannot leave the portal logged in forever. 


    • Reliability Concern: 


    Hackers are the biggest troublemakers in the M-commerce world. Transmission or transferring information over the cables and between servers has always threatened people and put them at the highest risks. This has triggered the reliability concern among users making them conscious about using the technological platform. 


    • Privacy Concern: 


    Making payments through online portals has always been the biggest challenge as m-commerce sites have lost their credibility among their audience. Privacy has become the most discouraging thing on the internet, making people scared of using mobile commerce platforms. 


    • Unsecured domain: 


    Google has already warned websites that have failed to secure its online presence. In recent times, there are possible ways to protect any website and secure user data. In spite, making security a must and a most important aspect, many businesses have failed to protect their official websites that use customer data. This has turned out to be one of the major threats in the m-commerce world. 


    • Doubtable Applications: 


    Business comes up with applications with an unfinished design structure. Provided they are displayed on sources that are hazardous platforms that bring in threat to customers. Nowadays applications are available on such platforms for the sake of low cost and poor marketing strategies which instantly declines the reputation of the business. 

    Some of the important mobile commerce security measures are as follows. Enduring these steps can help and prevent your customers from hazardous attacks. 


    • Choosing a better M-commerce hosting service: 


    Choosing the right hosting service for your eCommerce site means making security as your priority. Being more attentive, backing up your data is way more important when compared to the security measures. This can help you to restore your data at any time when it is lost.

    Make sure that your hosting service provider is available 24/7 and has the maximum uptime. This can help you to recover your website even faster than expected. 


    • Make use of HTTPS: 


    HTTPS is one of the most important stuff that needs attention when it comes to website security. Maybe you have planned a lot to build a world-class mobile application for your eCommerce website, and if you have failed to protect it with an SSL certificate there is no use of having a world-class M-commerce site. 

    A Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is meant to secure your website from day one. It secures all the data that comes in and goes out of your mobile commerce website. Provided Google has also announced the HTTPS as one of the important ranking aspects. 

    On installing an SSL certificate to your website, you will notice a green padlock along with the HTTPS prefixed to your domain. This indicates the customer that the website is secured to share information and can be reliable. 

    Any information or transactional details that are shared on such a website is made secured and the data gets encrypted. This relaxes customers and the website owners about the data being shared on the website. If you are handling an M-commerce website, make sure to comodo Wildcard SSL to have a hassle-free website and install it properly. 


    • Secure user-level information: 


    Hackers can cause harm to a site once they grab client login data. You should notice whether your clients are ignoring risks when using your eCommerce site. 

    The most secure methodology I can prescribe is automating the way toward reminding the purchasers to change their passwords following a month. Guarantee that clients utilize one of a kind passwords. The password must consist of any 8 characters including characters, an upper and a lowercase letter.


    • Check your website exposure: 


    When you regularly do vulnerability check on ecommerce website then there are less chances of hacking. Each eCommerce stage accompanies various devices that enable you to examine for vulnerabilities. 

    Pick a program that scans your site, yet additionally your system so you know the dangers and issues that ought to be tended to and fixed. Consider surely understood checking projects, for example, Retina CS Community, OpenVAS and MBSA.


    • Build strong password habits: 


    While passwords are encountering rivalry from advancements, for example, facial acknowledgment and multifactor authentication (MFA), they’re yet the standard access keys to most programming. We need passwords for each assistance or site we sign onto in this way, for some clients, it just appears to be simpler to utilize a similar password for various administrations. The issue with this methodology is that, once the reused usernames and passwords have been taken by hackers, they can be applied to different administrations, prompting across the board extortion. 

    “Regardless of whether your web-based business webpage has impeccable security, your weakest connection could be your clients,” clarified Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Akamai Technologies. 

    There are different password managers that can remove the agony from recalling many passwords to various sites and administrations. While dealing with various passwords is progressively testing, there are some incredible tips on the best way to review madly tie-down passwords to be discovered on the web. 

    Internet business site administrators ought to require the utilization of complex passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) from clients and clients. This can guarantee that clients don’t go over conceivably undermined credentials, and it goes far towards ensuring that those mentioning access are who they state they are. If you truly need to deal with your association’s authentication innovation comprehensively, at that point look into personality the board frameworks, which can deal with that capacity over different administrations and programming stages. 

    On the off chance that you’re staying with passwords for the time being, at that point recall that they ought to require a base number of characters (in any event six, ideally eight to 10) and use numbers and images. It is additionally prudent to compel clients to change their passwords consistently.


    • Hallmark your company name and logo: 


    The most significant hint for business proprietors to secure their site and brand is to guarantee [their] name is clear for use as a trademark,” says Sonia Lakhany, trademark lawyer, Lakhany Law. “An excessive number of entrepreneurs erroneously believe that on the grounds that a space name is accessible or that they had the option to frame an LLC or corporation with their neighborhood Secretary of State that their business name or brand is accessible as a trademark.”

    In any case, that isn’t the situation. To guarantee that nobody else can utilize your organization name and logo, you must trademark them. “This is a completely discrete procedure that must be done through a trademark lawyer,” she says. “Enrolling the name as a trademark likewise secures against future copiers, infringers, knockoffs, and so on who attempt to take or underwrite upon your image.” 

    “I propose every independent company register a trademark for their business name and any item that might be replicated by a contender or Chinese maker [as soon as they start doing business],” says Jon Jones, organizer, Organic Aromas. “We trademarked our business, and a month ago when a Chinese vendor duplicated our items as well as the entirety of our advertisement duplicate and promoting content, we had the option to hit him with a stop this instant [letter] in light of the fact that our name and our items were secured by law.”

    Wrap up: 

    The weirdest threats that frighten business owners are explained in detail to make you aware of what is happening in the M-commerce world. It would be better that you imply all the above-mentioned steps to your M-commerce business to get going in the long run.

    If you have already implemented these steps to your business, have a run-through of all these steps and get your website upgraded with the latest security measures. This can help you to settle your business in 2020. 


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