How to Get the Most out of OxyShred by EHP Labs?

    OxyShred is a supplement by EHP Labs that is a thermogenic fat burner. It increases the rate at which your body will convert food to energy and, in the process, resulting in the burning of fat. The product is said to break subcutaneous fat through scientific ratios and concentrations of several components.

    Below we detail how you can make the best out of this product as we explain what it is made of.

    What Is Its composition?

    EHP OxyShred is made from various ingredients that are brought together to assist our bodies to break down fats efficiently.

    • Acetyl L-Carnitine- This is responsible for improving mood, memory, and learning. It also assists or muscles to burn muscle and, in the process, increase endurance. This ultimately allows you to workout efficiently as well as recover more quickly.
    • Inulin Fibre- It is effective for the growth of bacteria that ensures proper bowel functioning
    •  Conjugated Linoleic Acid — This is used to aid in breaking down of fats and subsequent weight reduction.
    • Guggul Extract Powder —  This is reliable for lowering cholesterol significantly
    • Raspberry Ketones — it is used to speed up fat burning and is touted as having zero side effects.
    • Oleuropein —  This is responsible for increasing the thyroid hormone.
    • Green Coffee Bean Extract —  It contains chlorogenic acid, which limits the number of calories that are absorbed by our stomachs and at the same time bring down the levels of body fat.
    • Chromium Picolinate —  it is known for boosting nutrient metabolism as well as aiding in cutting weight. 

    Naringin —  It is said to protect our bodies from getting certain types of cancer. It also contributes to the liver’s production of enzymes that burn fats.

    • Coleus Forskolin — this is yet another ingredient found in it that is effective for muscle relaxation as well as an increase of fat burning
    • Phenylalanine — One of the key things during the process of weight loss is our ability to withstand food cravings. This ingredient is behind the release of a hormone that reduces our appetite. It boosts your immunity through:
    • L-Glutamine: The last thing you want to happen is you are working towards your weight loss goal is to get sick. This ingredient is meant to boost our immunity and prevent infections in the intestines, effectively ensuring that food is broken down in the right way.

    With all these elements, the supplement has everything one needs for their workout.

    Why should you use EHP OxyShred?

    It has lots of benefits on your body. What it mostly does is assist your body in burning more fats. It does this by Mobilizing and burning the body’s fat cells. This is the case especially in those parts of your bodies that you would describe as stubborn

    It does this by increasing your body’s breakdown of foods into energy, which ultimately results in the reduction of fats naturally. You also get to be energized throughout the period you will be taking this product.

    This supplement can also inhibit calorie absorption by our bodies.

    For individuals with low caffeine tolerance, this is the product for you.

    This product comes in different flavours which means you will get something that suits your taste buds. Unlike other similar products that lack a variety of flavours, making it difficult for people who may not like those flavours, with this one, you will be spoiled for choice.

    Make sure you note what each of the components does and ensure you make the best out of oxyshred.


    For these reasons, as well as the ingredients of this supplement, you should make the best out of this product that does not only assist you in burning fat but also acts as a mood enhancer, making you enjoy your time in the gym.


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