The Best Alcoholic Drinks to Pair with Tacos

    Selection of soft tacos, chips, and a margarita

    Tacos and alcohol go together like salt and pepper. Even though tequila might seem like the only option, there are many different alcoholic drinks that would be a great addition to your weekly taco night. But, many questions can come up during the search for the perfect alcohol. Should you stick with the typical tequila option, or move towards something less traditional? How many drink options should you have? But, here’s a question that you should keep in the back of your head through your alcohol search: should you go salty or sweet?

    Salty: Jalapeno Margarita

    If you’re looking for a unique drink with a kick, this jalapeno margarita would be a lively addition to your night. The drink captures the heat of the jalapeno and adds it to the smooth sensation of the tequila. Even though it has a very nice and fulfilling spice factor, it’s also quite refreshing thanks to the lime and added honey.

    Pair your spiciest tacos with this jalapeno margarita, and dare your most adventurous guest to take on the challenge.

    Sweet: Sangria

    You might think that wine would be a strange partner to your favorite taco but think again. The fruity boost of Sangria would add another layer of flavor to many different tacos, such as a steak or beef taco. Recipes for Sangria are found far and wide on the internet, but essentially it’s a beverage made with various alcohols and sliced fruit. So, utilize that information as you may, and bring your next taco party to life with an air of sophistication. Wine with my tacos? Yes, please.

    Salty: Bloody Mary

    This savory, spicy drink gives a different taste to whatever salsa or taco sauce you’re indulging in. There’s even a drink that puts a bloody Mary and a taco together. If the internet believes that this pairing is a match made in heaven, who am I to stop the loving couple from getting together? Add tomato juice and lemon juice to your vodka, and spice it up with Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and celery salt. Garnish with a lime or lemon and some celery stalk, and you’re good to go.

    Sweet: Paloma

    Everyone needs to try a Paloma with their tacos at least once. The best things about a Paloma is that it’s refreshing and it’s simple. All that you need to make it is tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit. This drink is super smooth and light, so you can pair it with the spicier and heavier tacos without giving yourself a serious stomach ache. The most recommended grapefruit soda is from the brand Jarritos, which is extremely popular in Mexico. Bringing these ingredients together will bring you an authentic culinary experience to your taco meal.

    Whether you’re going salty or sweet, there are no better drink pairings for tacos than alcohol. Choosing whether to go salty or sweet makes a big difference in the taste combinations that you’re trying to serve to your guests. But, if you choose to bring one of these yummy options into your next Taco Tuesday you’re surely going to make your party a night to remember.

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