The Benefits of Playing Crypto Poker

    If you have been a fan of poker for a while, you have probably come across something called crypto poker. Powered by the miraculous rise of the crypto realm, this new variant of poker has proved itself to be a worthy addition to the traditional way of playing poker. 


    Due to a long list of exciting and lucrative benefits, many recreational and professional players around the globe have started to play poker with bitcoin. Millions of players are tuning in to test their skills in crypto poker, with more and more currencies being used daily.


    Before diving into a breakdown of the list of benefits, it is important to understand that this type of poker should be regarded as an addition to the constantly evolving industry. With increased security and anonymity, you will likely find a few reasons to give it a try. 


    Crypto Poker Explained


    In simple terms, crypto poker is a new form of poker that relies on the use of blockchain technology. Unlike traditional poker, found in casinos and dim poker rooms, which relies on the use of fiat currency, this variant uses cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. 


    This means that players deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency. Instead of being played in person, it is played in online poker rooms. Instead of using fiat currency monitored by central authorities such as banks, this allows you to play virtually using cryptocurrencies. 


    This increasingly popular variant of poker has amassed a large fan base, allowing players to indulge in highly accessible, anonymous, decentralized, and transparent play. 


    To start playing, you will go through steps that include registering on an exchange and verifying the said account. After this, you will go to the next step of purchasing a currency of your choice. The most common choices are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. After opening a crypto wallet, you will transfer the currency to it, and proceed to register in a poker room. 


    Benefits of Crypto Poker 


    Crypto poker has a mountain of benefits. First of all, accessibility. Unlike traditional poker where you have to physically show up at a casino, crypto poker is easily and readily available. You can play from the comfort of your home, any time of day and night. 


    Second of all, this form of poker provides a staggering amount of anonymity. While you cannot hide your identity while playing in person, this element won’t cause you any headaches, as you remain anonymous in the online realm. This is a particularly important benefit for beginners who still have to learn to put on a good poker face. 


    In addition to this, crypto poker buy-in comes at a significantly lower fee, also offering fast transactions that are free of any third-party involvement such as that of banks. Also, payouts work incredibly fast. Not only this but you will not be bound by any geographical limits. This is especially important to those who live in areas that do not look at poker kindly. 


    As mentioned, because you are playing online and your face won’t be put on display, you can freely practice your poker face or just not have that element influence your game at all. Lastly, the games are fair so there is no rigging preventing you from your win. 


    Is Crypto Poker Safe? 


    As long as you opt for a reliable online poker site, crypto poker is regarded as a safe option. This common understanding of the safety of crypto poker mostly stems from the privacy and safety it offers, as well as from the fact that it is decentralized, efficient, and largely fast. 


    To ensure you have a smooth experience, one of the most important moves will be choosing a good online poker room. Therefore, pay enough attention to this step so that you can play on a reliable and trusted website and avoid any scams in the process. 


    Similarly, it is deemed safe since you are not using your credit card, debit card, or cash, as you will be relying on the cryptocurrency of your choice and your crypto wallet. The latter is overall much less vulnerable to safety breaches. With all of the benefits mentioned, crypto poker has a lot to offer to both recreational and professional players.

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