The 6 Best Exercises For Six-Pack Abs

    Come summertime, you want to flaunt abs, not layers of fat. By sculpting your abs, you can always be the man, or woman of the moment when you are in your beachwear. To have beautiful abs, you can take up 1000 crunch challenge every now and then. There are many more simple exercises like crunch to have a six-pack. Here are just six such exercises for quick results:

    Pull Ups

    This is easily one of the easiest exercises that you can undertake for sculpting your abs. If you have installed a pull-up bar at home, make use of it! While many people think that pull-up exercises are for the biceps and the back muscles, nothing is easier for making abs. Well, you should not take this to mean that pull-ups alone will give you abs, but they are a good place to start. Just make sure that when pulling up, you do not flail your legs and that the hip doesn’t hinge. To keep the body still as you pull yourself up and lower yourself, your abs will have to work very hard and that is how they are exercised.

    Grip your pull-up bar with a shoulder-wide, or slightly wider grip and then start pulling your shoulder blades up and down. You can cross your legs, squeeze the butt tight and fold your crossed legs behind you. Then in that stance, pull yourself up and down, and repeat a few times. It will be hard the first time but with reps, it should get easier.

    Medicine Ball Slam

    There are many reasons why this is going to benefit your abs. Firstly, the medicine ball is weighted and lifting up is more or less the same as lifting a dead-weight, which has its benefits. Basically, you are required to lift this ball up and then slam it down, repeating as many times as may be necessary. However, the secret is that both the lifting and the slamming actions require you to use your core muscles. You are advised not to drop the ball from your head level downwards, but to hinge your hip a bit so that you can fire your core muscles. About how heavy the ball should be, just make sure it is a manageable weight. Hold yourself torso-straight and then throw the ball downwards straight ahead. Repeat.

    Jack Knife Sit-Ups

    These will shape your intercostals, pectineus and external oblique muscles. Just sit on the floor with your feet stretched ahead of you, and a medicine ball in your hands. Bend the knees a bit while you lift your leg ever so slightly so that they are suspended in the air ahead of you and keep the ankles are together. Now, hold the ball away from your chest, straight ahead and then in that position, twist the torso to the right side, bringing the ball as far down as it will go, to the floor, and then twist the torso to the left. Repeat for the recommended number of times.

    Reciprocating Switch Kick

    To do this ab exercise, just lie down on your back with your head and feet off the floor, your arms extended ahead of you such that you look like a banana. Keep the feet together. Hold that position and then raise your left leg as high as it will go. Lower it to the starting position and then repeat the same with your right leg. Repeat several times with either leg.

    Ab Wheel Rollout

    You will need an ab wheel for this. Kneel on the floor with the knees in a position where they are directly beneath hips and this time, you have your hands out in front of you holding the ab wheel. You should then push your hips forward slowly as you roll the ab wheel out ahead of you. Your arms will extend out ahead of you as you keep your back flat. Stretch all out until you feel that the ab wheel cannot roll out any further. Get back to the starting position and do it again.

    The Lying Windshield Wiper – The Pendulum

    This is a challenging exercise for the six-pack abs where you lie down on your back and then raise the legs up until they form a 90-degree angle with your hips. Then keep the feet straight and locked at the ankles, you can lower them to the right slowly almost to the floor. Repeat to the left and do the recommended set of 10 wipes for each side.


    These are some super effective exercises to ensure you get your desired abs in no time if you can do these on a regular basis. But you should try different exercise challenges with your friends or fellow fitness enthusiasts. If many exercises you are doing are not giving you get results, try this ab and squat challenge. This can really test your stamina and build your abs in real quick time.


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