Best Manscaping Tips – How to Safely Manscape Your Beach Body

    Are you ready to hit the beach? You are? Really now. Aren’t you, by any chance forgetting something important like you know, grooming your body? A great beach body is just yellow liquid in the wind if you don’t know how to do a little ‘gardening.’ And so, in today’s article, we’re going to give up a couple of nifty tips on how to shave, trim, mow or hack away that hair on your body so that you won’t burn someone’s retinae.

    Why Would I Want to Groom Before Going to the Beach?

    Obviously, you’ve never seen someone go past you at the beach, leaving you to wonder if werewolves are real or not. Really now, it’s totally not cool to go anywhere looking like the offspring of Tarzan. Trimmed hair is sexy, but excess hair’s totally a turn-off. Also, think about it this way – grooming allows your body to ‘breath’ more easily, and it will totally attract some of that much-wanted attention. Moreover, if you’re the kind of guy that lives for the gym, that excess hair won’t help you in the check-out-my-great-pecs area.

    So, these being said, let’s talk shop. If want to look good at the beach, you should consider buying a good quality manscaping trimmer. They’re cheap, durable, and guaranteed to hack away hair even from those areas where the sun doesn’t shine. Still, a good hair trimmer without technique is like going hunting with a spoon. And because we care so deeply for you guys, we’re going to show you a couple of sure-fire and totally pain-free grooming techniques.

    Choose Between Trimmed or Shaved

    Now, before you head up to the beach, you’ll have to make a choice – trimming your hair or shaving it. There’s nothing wrong with either of them; it’s just a question of preference.

    If you decide to go with trimming, don’t forget to clean your trimmer before attempting something. That way you don’t invite infection. Let the blades do all the work for you and don’t try forcing. You’ll only injure yourself.

    For the best results, try one of those creams designed for trimming. You can also try your hand at trimming after taking a hot shower or a bath. Start with a higher setting. Trim the chest hair, but don’t forget about the one on the belly and the back. When everything’s nice, even, and smooth, use the shower head to remove the clippings.

    Now, if you’re the type of person that like a good shave for a great beach body, grab yourself a body shaving kit. Step into the shower and allow your skin to moisten for a couple of minutes. Apply the cream and start shaving. For the back, we recommend a good back shaver – it’s like a regular razor, but with a longer handle.

    If you plan on wearing a slip, it would definitely be a good idea to do something about you-know-what hair. This one’s very tricky because there’s no foolproof technique. However, there are a couple of things you could try to make things more…bearable. We’ll talk about them in a moment.

    Don’t forget about your Heinie and Chunder Thunder’s Mates

    Granted, your chest, back, and beard are important, but let’s not forget about the buttocks and groin area. As we’ve said, shaving or trimming the hair, there is kind of tricky. And yes, there’s no by-the-book solution here.

    Luckily, there are some things you could try. First of all, be sure to spend at least half an hour under the shower before attempting anything. These areas are very sensitive, and you don’t want any kind of pain down there. Now, if you’ve got a good trimmer, carefully place the device under the testis and slowly make your way up. Be careful! That thing can sting as bad as a razor. Continue doing this until the hair has the desired length. Don’t forget about the sides!

    Let’s talk about razors. Probably one of the worst things a man has to go through is shaving his groin area for the first time. Nicks in the are can really hurt a lot. But if you’re extra careful, you won’t have any issue. Start with a hot shower, carefully spread some cream there, place your razor and start cutting against the grain. Trust us; it will get a lot easier once you get the hang of it.

    For the buttocks, you can either use a back shaver and a mirror or simply hack it away using a trimmer. That’s it!

    Post-Shaving/Trimming Tips

    After the deed’s done, don’t forget about post-shaving or trimming stuff. Wash away the excess hair in the shower and dry all the area with a clean towel. For a pain-free post-shaving effect, you could try using a balm aftershave. Put a drop in your hand and spread it carefully on the shaven area. Trimming’s usually pain-free, but some men tend to get irritated when using a trimmer. Still, if you do this after getting out of the shower, there’s no chance of that happening.

    Don’t go to the beach immediately after getting a shave

    The golden rule here is knowing exactly when to groom your body. If you’re using a trimmer, you can hack away the excess hair hours before heading to the beach. On the other hand, it’s inadvisable to cannonball the water after shaving. So, do try to keep this in mind before living to regret it.


    Now you have everything you’re ever going to need in order to prepare your beach body. Keep in mind these safety tips and, of course, the golden rule of hot showers before anything. Also, we recommend you purchase a high-quality grooming set. A cheap one’s only going to make thing more difficult, not to mention painful.


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