The 5 Best Tips for Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Multiplayer Mode

    Vanguard’s multiplayer mode of Call of Duty is a tough game even for more experienced gamers. So if you’re looking for tips to help you play better, there’s no point beating yourself because even the pros do. In this article, we will be giving you the best five essential tips to help you survive on Vanguard.

    If you follow and apply them properly, these tips can level up your gaming prowess unimaginably. Also, you can check online for Battlelog hacks to help you maneuver some tough spots on the game. But until then, read below to access the following essential tips.

    Default Settings Are Not Always The Best

    Most gamers just jump into the game and start fumbling around with the game’s automatic settings. This is not healthy as some of Vanguard’s default settings are counterproductive. The FOV, for example, has a default setting of 80, which many gamers find to be very stressful.

    Another setting you may want to adjust is the camera movement which is set at its max by default. This setting determines how much the screen shakes during gunfire and can be very distracting during heated gun battles. Beyond that, disable your weapon motion and world motion blur.

    We recommend that you first play the campaign and take note of the settings that you find uncomfortable. After you’re satisfied with the notes you’ve taken, end the game and adjust the noted settings. Keep adjusting the settings as you play the campaign until you’re comfortable. You may then proceed online to multiplayer mode.

    Play Your Style

    Every gamer—pros and newbies inclusive—has a certain gaming style that determines their strengths and weaknesses. So irrespective of whether you’re a pro or a beginner on Call of duty, you’ll need to utilize your strengths. Furthermore, focusing on your strength increases your effectiveness, raising your winning odds.

    So, if you’re a jerky player with considerable accuracy, you will likely do better alone on a hazardous side of the map. Otherwise, you may just be fine on a comfortable, less tense side of the map if you’re a slow, tactical gamer. Also, you’ll do just great on a team. Everyone has strengths in particular areas, so find your area and stick with it.

    You Don’t Need All Those Weapon Attachments

    Call of duty: Vanguard comes with a unique feature that allows you to use up to 10 weapon attachments. However, your playstyle might make it unwise to use all 10. This is because the disadvantages of several attachments occasionally outnumber their benefits. So, while you might consider using all the attachments, you may be limiting yourself by doing so.

    We recommend that you experiment with those attachments in private matches. Thankfully, all attachments are accessible on default in private games, with some weapons having as many as 70 unique attachments. Doing this will help you test each of them and identify which ones are worth buying. That way, you will save a lot of money by not buying irrelevant stuff.

    Be Picky With Perks

    Compared to the previous Warzone and modern warfare, Call of duty: Vanguard has perks that vary to an extent. Some of the perks give you the same ability as several others. The Ninja perk, for example, makes you silently move around, as does Unmarked weapon proficiency. So, it’s wise that you don’t use both of them at the same time as it’s less efficient.

    Also, different maps in the game require different perks and different modes. You may easily use any of the perks repeatedly, but we advise that you test-run be careful of which ones you select. In the same way, your playstyle plays an important role in your choice of perks. For instance, High Alert or Radar will make a great pick if you prefer sniping from a distance.

    Utilize The Combat Pacing Feature Wisely

    A new addition to Call of duty is the Combat pacing it features in Vanguard. Combat pacing is a feature that allows you to choose the number of players you want in your multiplayer lobby. To do this, it filters matches into three categories, they include:

    • Tactical

    This filter allows you to play a match at a slower pace, with fewer opponents. Usually, players are engaged in a 6 Vs. 6 matches, which some players consider to be boring. However, it should be your choice if you want a more tactical and calculated game.

    • Assault

    If you are comfortable with the previous COD releases, then Assault should be just fine. This is the standard game with 24 players and the normal pace.

    • Blitz

    If you find the standard Assault game boring, then the Blitz has the perfect settings for you. It comprises a fast-paced match with as many as 48 players and bigger maps. So if you want chaos, here’s your thing.


    We hope that the tips provided in this article will enhance your performance in COD: Vanguard. However, while they appear easy, it may take several trials to acquaint yourself with them fully. So, we recommend paying attention to details and being deliberate with your in-game actions.

    Moreover, we advise that you be patient with yourself as you take your time to practice consistently. Having said this, we have no doubts that you are ready for the fun. So why not grab your pads and see the magic!


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