The 4 Best Things About Being a Drummer

    The few, the proud, the drummers. The drums are an easy instrument to learn but extremely difficult to master. Congratulations, few pass over their initial interest in drumming to carry on. You made it. One of the most versatile instruments in the world is under your belt. There were tears, sweat, and probably some lost sleep trying to master the right techniques and learn songs.

    The journey to master the drum set is never fully over. There are always new songs and techniques to learn that will help you improve your drumming. But, let’s take a moment to relish in the accomplishments you’ve already achieved. There are so many cool things about being a drummer that it’s almost impossible to choose just a few.

    But we did our best. Shall we dive into what’s so great about becoming a drummer?

    1. You Control the Rhythm of the Beat

    Chords shmords, the drums are where it’s at for creating the base of the music. The drummer is the one who determines the speed and flow of the song. There’s so much power in speeding up or slowing down at precise moments. You are unconsciously leading your bandmates (or jammates if you are not in a band) through the song.

    Even if you feel like you can’t contribute to certain parts of the song making or playing process, you are in a key position. It’s a great honor and responsibility that you can only get by being a drummer.

    1. You Probably Have the Best Coordination Skills in the Band

    We all know that drumming takes some serious coordination. Whether you’re using a traditional set or an electric kit, you need to be able to get your body in the right positions in rapid succession in order to create the beats. Drumming is a whole-body endeavor – you need to be aware of every part of you that is moving.

    Practicing coordination in drumming also translates over to real life. Maybe it has helped with exercise or sports that you do. Maybe it means that you never drop a pass or fumble. Or, it could simply mean that you are able to navigate the world more efficiently than others.

    Only the intense training of trying to master a full or electric drum kit can give you that kind of coordination.

    1. Your Equipment Always Looks Cool

    There are so many awesome drum sets out there that it is unbelievable. The drums are the most customizable piece of musical equipment. You can have all different designs and stickers on your drum set. It really becomes a mark of your personality. If you prefer something with a sleek and stylish design, or you want something that pops, there is a drum set for you.

    The set is like a piece of your soul, it’s your baby. Being able to do whatever you want to it, in terms of decorating, really brings the experience of drumming to a whole new level.

    1. Perfect Timing Defines You

    As the gatekeepers of the pacing of the song, drummers get the special power of being able to keep time, no matter what they are playing. This means that you can go on to other instruments easier due to having learned the drums. No one understands the rhythm/tempo of music better than a great drummer.

    Drums are the oldest and most cultural instruments that humans have created. Being a drummer is a privilege and an amazing experience. There are so many musical avenues to explore through the drums. Truly, the best part of being a drummer is drumming.


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