The 4 best things about a marijuana grinder 

    As an experienced marijuana user, you are probably familiar with all the different ways to consume the herb and there are a wide variety of tools available that allows you to enjoy the benefits of marijuana but some of them do not receive the proper amount of attention. One such tool is the grinder that is available in any shape and size at Grasscity, and you can discover more about them here. The question is, do you know what a grinder is and why it should be used? It was invented by William Wingfield and John Balding of Boort in Victoria, Australia, and the product was patented in 1905. The version we have available today is far more sophisticated but the purpose remains the same- it is useful to grind herbs, tobacco, and other plants for medical purposes. Here are the 4 best things about a marijuana grinder.

    The basics of a grinder

    A grinder is a small handheld tool that is designed to finely crush tobacco, herbs, and plants. Depending on the type of grinder, there are different parts to it. 2 piece grinders have a lid and a grinder bottom catcher (also referred to as a bud catcher), 3 piece grinders will have a lid, a grinding chamber, as well as a storage chamber, and a 4 and 5 piece grinder, will include a lid, grinder bottom, one or two kief catchers and a storage catcher. Common grinders that you will find include:

    • Acrylic grinder
    • Wooden grinder
    • Metal grinder
    • Electric grinder
    • Grater

    Grinders are a great tool to use because they save you time and effort when preparing your herb for consumption. Grinders also crush the herbs nice and fine and evenly which would be difficult to achieve if it was done manually. To use a grinder simply follow these steps:

    1. Remove the top lid and break the bigger buds using your fingers. Then place them between the teeth of the grinder.
    2. Put the lid back on and rotate the grinder roughly 10 times until the marijuana has fallen through the holes.
    3. Unscrew the chamber to find all your ground marijuana.

    It is portable

    The most obvious reason for using a grinder is the fact that it is portable which means you can carry it around with you anywhere you go whether it be to a friend’s house for a smoking session or a solo smoking trip to the beach. A grinder is also a great place to store your cannabis and the chamber blocks out any odor making it convenient as well as discreet.

    It saves you time and money

    The old-school method of crushing weed that involves a pair of scissors and a piece of paper is time-consuming while a grinder on the other hand saves you time and can do the desired job in a short amount of time. There is also little to no waste and because you are not handling the plant with your hands, you don’t have to worry about trichomes sticking to your finger, reducing the quality of your cannabis. With a grinder, the trichomes stay on the bud and do not attach to your fingers.

    It rolls better and burns slower

    A grinder grinds the marijuana evenly which creates an even burn and prevents your joints from burning on one side only. Weed grinders also assist the rolling process because when you grind your weed finely and evenly, it becomes easier to roll a joint or a blunt.

    Weed tastes better

    Real passionate weed enthusiasts don’t only care about getting high, they also care about the smell and the taste of the weed. One of the main advantages of using a grinder is that it helps produce maximum weed to be used and the quality of the cannabis powder is always good which results in a good quality experience when smoking because the smoke that is produced will have a very fine taste and texture. Fine cannabis particles also produce a greater quality flavor and aroma.

    If this article hasn’t convinced you to ditch the traditional method of crushing weed, I’m afraid nothing will. Grinders are convenient, they save you time and they enhance your smoking experience.

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