Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit: Double Cross and Chideo

    Posted By Max Sanders

    Remaining true to its passionate, thought-provoking roots, Double Cross is launching an exciting new partnership with Chideo, the charity broadcast network that connects celebrities with their fans in the spirit of driving awareness and raising money for important causes around the world. Double Cross is sponsoring Chideo’s Entrepreneur Channel, which launched earlier this month with Shark Tank star and serial entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban. Billed as business school without the tuition, the channel provides a new platform for a typically private group of influencers to mobilize their fan bases through exclusive video content to raise funds and awareness for their chosen causes. With a leading edge in the market for entrepreneurship, the partnership is a perfect match for Double Cross.


    With a long history of inspiring freethinking artists and intellectuals-the entrepreneurial elite of their time – it’s little wonder that the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia are where ultra-premium Double Cross Vodka began its journey. Seven-times distilled, seven-times filtered, and made with estate-grown winter wheat and pure, crisp Tatra spring water, Double Cross received a rare 95-point rating from Wine Enthusiast and gold medals for both taste and bottle design at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The New York Times calls Double Cross “extremely smooth and charismatic;” Forbes says “Double Cross hit it out of the park.”

    “We’re entrepreneurs at heart,” says Devin Wilson, Double Cross Chief Brand Officer. “And that’s why we want to continue to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit. People with passion, creativity and dedication can do incredible things in life. Follow your passions, carve your own path and you’ll find likeminded people ready to join you in the adventure. That’s how Double Cross was born and continues to thrive.”

    Cuban will join acclaimed entrepreneurs, such as Mario Batali, Tavis Smiley, Ming Tsai and Dr. Bill Dorfman, to provide Chideo’s Entrepreneurs Channel users exclusive opportunities to glean tips and advice about business from some of the world’s most accomplished business tycoons.

    “We are extremely excited to partner with Double Cross Vodka to provide a platform for socially conscious entrepreneurs who have valuable insights to share and connect with aspiring business owners of all kinds,” said Todd Wagner, founder and CEO of Chideo. “Double Cross Vodka embodies the innovation and commitment to social good that we hope all viewers take away from interacting with the Entrepreneurs Channel.”

    About Double Cross Vodka: Double Cross Vodka is small-batch distilled in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. Seven-times distilled and seven-times filtered, each batch is made with estate-grown winter wheat and pure mountain spring water. It received a rare 95-point rating from Wine Enthusiast and was the first vodka to ever win gold medals for both taste and bottle design at the World Spirits Competition. In both 2012 and 2014, Double Cross received the prestigious “Rising Star” award from the Beverage Information Group.

    Double Cross Vodka is available throughout the United States, Ontario, Canada and a selection of other countries. In the U.S. it retails for $39.99 for a 750 ml bottle, and contains 40 percent alcohol by volume.  Double Cross Vodka is the flagship brand of Old Nassau Imports (ONI). Learn more at

    About Chideo: Chideo is the first and only charity broadcast network-connecting celebrities with their fans in the spirit of driving awareness and raising money for important causes around the world. Chideo serves as a multi-platform network offering users exclusive video content, as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with some of their favorite personalities from the worlds of entertainment, sports, music, fashion, food, design and culture. Chideo also offers a dedicated platform to distribute original cause-focused content via TV, web and mobile app.

    The network is currently home to more than 110 ambassadors including President Bill Clinton, Patricia Arquette, Bradley Cooper, Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J, Chris Paul, Debby Ryan and many more, along with 100+ of the world’s leading non-profits such as the American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Easter Seals, and Feeding America. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Todd Wagner founded Chideo in 2014.

    For up-to-the-minute news and announcements from Chideo personalities, please follow Chideo on Facebook or on Twitter.




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