Termite Control Is A Difficult Task, But Effective

    Getting rid of these munching machines — otherwise known as termites — is no easy task and it is time to call in the best termite control Phoenix-based experts when an infestation is noted. You might even ask yourself of the best “termite treatment companies near me.”

    Indeed, termite and pest control is a rather specialized subject if only for the types of chemicals those are used. Termite bait is often highly poisonous and must be kept away from where small hands or even the pets can get at it.

    Most people living in a warm climate have had some kind of problems with creatures that want to eat their homes seemingly right from under them. 

    Termites cannot distinguish in a piece of old wood or the wonderful artifact that has been handed down through several generations. Indeed, all they see is food, food, and more food. 

    These pests make all kinds of damage and since they eat from the inside out, they often do not leave any telltale signs for the householder to see. The first thing that they noticed is the wood in the vicinity starts to sound hollow when tapped. 

    Indeed, some pieces of wood are eaten completely with only the paint staying in place. If this is support beams or chairs, etc. it can be very dangerous for unsuspecting people who are using the facilities.

    The creatures begin to colonize a certain area and then, in search of food, they start to tunnel their way to available food sources. They really do not care if this is a house or a tree as long as they can get to the cellulose in the wood it really does not matter. 

    Termites can put out tunnels in all directions and the piles of soil on surfaces of lawns or grassy areas should be investigated thoroughly.

    Probably the first sign that there is something going on is the fine dust that is noted around wooden objects. This can be furniture or cupboards, or even beams that are holding the house up. They are not really bothered by what they eat as long as they have a never-ending supply of food.

    Perhaps long brown earth-like tubes are spotted too leading from skirting boards right up to ceiling boards. This is the above-ground tunnels that the creature builds so that it can traverse the inedible part of the structure, the wall, to get to where the good stuff is in the roof space. 

    They need to build the tubes so that their bodies do not dry out while they are going from one place to another. 

    Of course, this is normally done underground but when it comes to above-ground sources of food, then they just build what they need to get around.

    One way to check to see if the infestation is active is to brush away an inch or two of the tubes and see how quickly it takes to come back. If it does, then it is obvious that there is an infestation and the experts must be called in.

    Another way to check is to tap on beams or furniture to see if they sound hollow. These creatures eat the wood from the inside out. They can even eat right up to where the varnish or paint has been put on so very often people will not realize they are there until it is much too late.

    Other signs are earth tube-like structures that traverse inedible areas like concrete or steel. Termites have to build these tunnels to protect their bodies from drying out. 

    To check if there is a colony that is active, brush away a few inches of these tubes and watch to see if the tubes are being rebuilt over some time. If they are then there is a very active colony nearby.

    Although the old method of extermination is still used, there are more modern methods on the market which seem to be much more efficient and cost-effective. 

    This consists of sinking tubes, at regular intervals, around the building every couple of feet or so. These tubes house a ‘feeding station’ which is checked regularly. 

    The operative keeps an eye on where the poison is being eaten and will continue to replenish the tube until there is no more activity which means that the queen has died and the colony along with her. 

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