8 Ways a Healthcare Call Center Can Help You Profit


    It is no easy feat, providing efficient healthcare service. Not just complex medical cases, healthcare service providers often have to cope with the logistical challenges of running a practice. From getting the right practitioner for a patient to helping them with their insurance claims post-discharge, the areas of focus are too many for a service provider to handle.


    A seasoned healthcare call center can offer solutions to the many shortcomings of a healthcare service provider. Ensuring every emergency call is answered, understanding a patient’s health plan, booking an appointment for them, and helping them with their bills and claims are all just the tip of the iceberg.

    Listed below are some of the ways in which your practice can not only run smoothly but also generate profits with the right healthcare call center

    • A streamlined operation

    The single most-valued asset for any practitioner is their time. A healthcare call center makes this asset available for them by effectively streamlining operations. With regular follow-ups and technological support, a healthcare call center ensures that all appointments are booked in advance, cancellations and no-shows are to the minimum, rescheduling happens correctly, and that the time of all parties involved is managed efficiently.

    • 24×7 availability

    It’s vital for the patients to be able to connect with the service providers at any time of the day, any given day. A medical call center ensures this round-the-clock availability through medical assistance helpline. Further, during peak times, a medical call center ensures that no emergency call goes unanswered.

    • Customer service across all touch points

    Unlike other industries, the demographics of customer behavior is varied in the healthcare sector. Some patients prefer to connect over phone calls while others are happy with an instant message. A healthcare call center ensures availability across all channels which a customer can use to reach the service provider.

    • Holistic patient experience

    This is perhaps the most valuable offering of a competent healthcare call center. A healthcare call center provides an empathetic, personalized healthcare experience to the patients by listening and responding to their queries and complaints, helping them with billing, claims and more. A healthcare call center also helps the service provider go the extra mile with medication reminders and post-discharge follow-ups. All these processes reinforce the patient’s trust in the service provider.

    • Reduced burden on administrative & clinical staff 

    Every person in the healthcare industry has their hands full – right from the front desk all the way to the discharge department. Most healthcare service providers do not have the necessary workforce to oversee many crucial aspects of day-to-day operations. A healthcare call center can reduce the burden on both administrative and clinical staff by maintaining administrative activity records, and patient prescriptions, verifying patient information, manning the pharmacy helpline, pre-admission planning and more.

    • Lowered costs & attrition

    When the aforementioned services are outsourced to a medical call center, they cut down on the facility costs and associated expenses. Further, by outsourcing these tasks, the staff is motivated to perform their designated roles well, thereby reducing attrition rates. 

    • Increased collection rate

    On-time payment is one of the pillars of a successful healthcare service provider, but it can be a harrowing task for them to follow up on the same while meeting the demands of patient care. A healthcare call center frees them from this challenge by streamlining and optimizing the collection and clearance processes.

    • Physician referrals & increased brand awareness

    In the world of healthcare, reputation is everything. With healthcare call center outsourcing, the service provider can improve the engagement quotient with the patient, leading to a more positive relationship between them. This does wonder for the brand image and results in more referrals and better ROI.

    All these benefits, however, become inconsequential if you don’t partner with the right healthcare call center outsourcing company. A small miss by a healthcare call center representative can undo all the work you have put in over the years.

    At Expert Callers, we have over 13 years of experience in providing HIPAA compliant medical and healthcare call center services. From state-of-the-art scheduling technologies to trained, multilingual experts, we ensure that your healthcare practice stands for compassion, professionalism, and excellence. 


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