Tech Companies Use Sweepstakes Model to Offer Gaming

    If you cast your mind back to 2020, you’ll remember the COVID-19 lockdown. 

    During this time, billions of people were stuck at home with nothing to do. 

    What did they do to pass the time? Play sweepstakes social games

    Pretty quickly, this trend caught on. And ever since, it’s never really gone away. 

    Sweepstakes games are still a hot trend today and you can find them anywhere on the internet. This is possible due to the fact that countless tech companies have now adopted the sweepstakes model and began releasing lots of their own free-to-play sweepstakes casinos. 

    What is Sweepstakes Gaming? 

    Sweepstakes gaming is when you play online casino games using GOLD COINS and SWEEPS COINS. These games are available for free and usually allow you to play against other players and communicate via chat. There’s also the opportunity to redeem the coins you win for real money prizes, like gift cards. Essentially, there’s a lot to love and very little to dislike, which is why this brand-new gaming trend has exploded. 

    Why Tech Companies Are Shifting to the Sweepstakes Model 

    The number one reason why tech companies are shifting towards sweepstakes gaming is simple: high demand

    Right now, free-to-play social games are more popular than ever, which is forcing tech companies to adapt and start offering them, too. Now, you have countless companies that offer their own sweepstakes casino sites and apps, such as VGW Malta Limited, Medium Rare N.V, and Yellow Social Interactive, all of which have benefited from it. 

    When players sign-up with social casinos, they can: 

    ⚡ Enjoy free-to-play casino games without having to spend any money 

    ⚡ Gain access to slots, video poker, blackjack, and other classic titles

    ⚡ Potentially get their hands on huge prizes 

    ⚡ Make new friends 

    ⚡ Play on-the-go through iOS or Android 

    It’s also important to recognize sweepstakes casinos aren’t technically classed as gambling platforms. Ultimately, what this means is that they can be legally accessed over the internet from almost every country and state, as they’re not breaking any gambling laws. This is brilliant news for the companies that have adopted sweepstakes models, as they don’t have to worry about losing out on players or being restricted in regards to where they can legally operate. 

    The Rise of Chumba Casino, WOW Vegas, and Other Big Sweepstakes Casinos

    Ever since 2020, more and more sweepstakes casinos and social gaming platforms have started hitting the internet. Some of the most memorable so far have been Chumba Casino,, WOW Vegas, McLuck, and Sweeptastic, which can be found on

    Out of all the sweepstakes casinos, Chumba Casino is by far the most popular, having officially reached over 1 million daily players. Specifically, people use Chumba Casino to play slots using SWEEPS COINS. With the coins they win, they then redeem them for different prizes, which has helped catapult Chumba Casino to the top of the social gaming charts. 

    Is Sweepstakes Gaming the Future? Yes!

    Since 2020, sweepstakes gaming has evolved from strength-to-strength. Each year that goes by, more people switch to sweepstakes casinos so that they can win real prizes and (most importantly) play their favourite casino games without having to bet any money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling solo or relaxing at home, it’s so easy to play sweepstakes games on-the-go. Factoring everything together, one thing is for certain: sweepstakes gaming is the future.

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