Survey Says: Colombia Is Not The #1 Answer For Miss Universe

    steve-harvey-twitter-apology-miss-universe-leadAfter announcing and crowning the wrong winner, crushing every little girl’s dreams, Harvey took quick to Twitter to apologize.  Talk about foot in mouth…This is quite possibly the most awkward moment of live television ever- even worse than Seacrest going to high-five the blind contestant on Idol! Harvey, who was hosting the contest for the first time, held up the card announcing the order of finishers for Fox network cameras to see up close afterward. He said he re-read the card and noticed it said “first runner-up” next to the Colombia contestant’s name before he asked producers if he had made a mistake. Talking with reporters afterward, Harvey and an executive for pageant owner WME-IMG called it human error.

    “Nobody feels worse about this than me,” Harvey said.

    In addition to his on-air apology, Harvey expressed deep empathy and assumed full responsibility on social media. However, he initially misspelled the home countries of both contestants before also fixing that… I know, I keep cringing, too!

    It’s all over feeds as it dominates water-cooler conversations this Monday. Many are questioning if this was a publicity stunt to garner more attention for the lack luster pageant. However, I don’t think Harvey would have agreed to this type of scrutiny. Although we are devastated for Miss Colombia, I think Steve may be having a worse start to his work week.

    Share with us your thoughts and reaction after watching last night’s footage…

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