Startups 101: Building a Recognizable Brand

    One of the key aspects of business management is to work toward brand visibility. You can have all the best products and services, but it won’t matter if not many people know your business exists. Of course, working on brand visibility is easier said than done, especially for startup company owners that aren’t sure how to move their business forward in a competitive environment.

    Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to manage a startup. You just need a bit of insight to help ensure your business flourishes and thrives, even with tight competition. Here’s how you can build a recognizable brand for your company.

    • Utilizing web optimization and logo creation

    One of the first steps to help ensure your business gets the brand recognition it deserves is to focus on your last line of marketing defense: the landing page. Your primary website is crucial, as it represents your business online. While many prefer their social media channels when running a company, nothing beats the sense of professionalism that comes from a properly designed and optimized website. The good news is you don’t have to deal with such a thing alone. Many web design agencies are happy to help small businesses start with a well-designed site.

    You can also get the help of a professional brand designer to aid your business in designing a proper logo. A simple yet impactful business logo will help online users remember your business, and it could potentially lead to an avalanche of popularity and revenue. It can sometimes be mind-boggling just how much of a difference a single image can make when you give it the effort and focus it deserves.

    • Making waves with social media

    As previously mentioned, most startups prefer social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook for their businesses, as they won’t have to worry about building a primary site. However, for any business that wants to be taken seriously, it’s crucial to build your brand with a proper site. When you’ve optimized your primary site, it’s a good idea to work on your social media image.

    Depending on the type of social media platform, you can do a few things to help elevate your brand. For example, video streaming is a good idea for Facebook, as well as general announcements regarding promotions. Twitter is a good idea to send small yet impactful updates with links to your products. YouTube is excellent for general video marketing purposes, and your Twitter can link to YouTube.

    • Taking customer feedback seriously

    If you want to build a recognizable brand, one sure way is to foster loyalty and support for your company by listening to customer feedback. No matter the type of feedback you receive, how you respond can help further elevate your company. Responding to a negative reviewer and offering solutions will not only help the customer in question, but will also show everyone else that you work hard to keep your clients.

    Aside from the many tips above, it’s also a good idea to focus entirely on digital marketing, as print marketing rarely works as well as it should. The latter should only be used as a complement to bolster the former.

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