Starting a new relationship after being single for a long time

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    After you have your heart broken because of your last relationship, deciding to stay single for some time was the best choice you could do at the time. You needed some time to lick your wounds, spend some time with yourself so that you come in peace with your thoughts, and decide what are the expectations you have for your next relationship partner. However, you cannot stay single forever because everybody needs to feel loved and give love in return.

    Eventually, you have to take a deep breath and give a chance to the person that has been waiting for you to be ready for a commitment. Even if you might find it hard to start something new after such a long time of being single, finding the right relationship should make things come in a natural and easy way.

    Decide if you are ready for something new

    No matter what kind of pressure you might experience from your parents or friends asking you every day about when you are going to be together again with someone new, your feelings and thoughts are the only ones that matter. You do not have to rush into a new relationship just to make everybody think that you got over your ex and having a new relationship is an easy thing for you to do. If you still think that you need some time just for yourself without committing with someone new, that is perfectly fine. Nothing from the external should influence you to act differently.

    Take your time to know the other person

    After being single for a long period of time you tend to forget how to enjoy the first part of meeting someone new. That is just about finding out which type of person you are dealing with, the interests that he or she has, or which goals in life and how suitable and trustworthy the person in front of you is. Do your research and also look for social media posts or use a people search platform that can give you any information about the person you are thinking to start a relationship with. Rushing things too much it might ruin everything by destroying the mystery right from the beginning. Also, another thing that you need to avoid is trying to label your interaction right from the beginning as being a relationship. All you have to do is enjoy things as they are without letting too many questions ruin the moment.

    Do not make the same mistakes again

    When it comes to protecting your heart from being broken again, you need to make sure that you do not start a new relationship making the same mistakes that made you disappointed in the past. If the person that you want to start a new relationship with seems to be like the ones that you had a relationship with before and it did not work out well, it is better to not make the same mistake again and wait for a different result.

    Take care of yourself

    Meeting someone new that got your interest after such a long time when no one seemed to be what you were looking for is surely an exciting moment that gives you a boost of energy. Feeling motivated to look stylish and chic again in order to impress the person in front of you is actually a thing that will make you feel really optimistic about what can happen next in the interaction that you have with the other person. Plus, you will start to feel more confident about the way you are because you will take better care of yourself and invest more time and passion in it.

    Do not compare your new relationship with the last one

    Once you have started a new relationship with someone it is normal to not feel so comfortable with giving your trust so easily and starting to invest time and feelings in something new that you are not so sure about. However, you should not let the disappointments from the past stop you from enjoying what you have right now. Everyone is different in their own way and this relationship does not necessarily have to go the same way as the last one did. Comparing your actual partner with your ex is definitely something that you should not do under no circumstances because it is not fair for the new person that came into your life and still did not get the chance to show you exactly who he/she is.

    Learn to compromise again

    Being single for a long time means that you got used to doing everything on your own, spending your time however you want, being independent, and not having to accept anything else from anybody if you do not feel like it. Yet, now that you are in a relationship, things are going to be a little bit different. It does not necessarily mean that you have to drastically change all the habits that you got used to, but you need to find a way to compromise and include the things that a relationship brings with it and the new person in your daily basis.

    Do not lose yourself again in a relationship

    Even if you are surely incredibly happy that you have found someone new that you like spending time with, you need to remember who you are separated from this relationship as well. When you were single for a long time you surely have discovered many things about yourself, how to love and appreciate yourself even if there was no one to show you this appreciation every day, and how to enjoy your time while being single. Those things that you have started to love about yourself and helped you get over your last disappointing relationship, you should not forget about now that you are in a new relationship. Remember who you are no matter if there is someone standing by your side or who that person is.


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