SPACES-Pasadena, Playhouse District: The Power of Co-Working Spaces

    Is remote work starting to make you go stir-crazy? Distance yourself from at-home distractions and regain your focus in a goal-oriented workplace. Boost your productivity and business opportunities in the thriving SPACES-Pasadena, Playhouse District!

    Operating as a co-working office, SPACES-Pasadena, Playhouse District provides a reliable and uplifting workspace to enhance your work efforts. The stimulating environment will motivate you to produce your best work to date! Located in the re-opened Pasadena Playhouse District, the co-working space is near some of the best restaurants, retail, and boutiques of the city.

    Surrounding yourself by entrepreneurs and business professionals can inspire you to achieve greater success. Co-working spaces allow for genuine networking opportunities unlike any other. Through co-working offices, there are limitless opportunities for work and idea collaboration, which can generate high-yielding results.

    Housing eight meeting rooms on-site, the co-working space allows for members to host small in-person meeting sessions with co-workers and clients. With over 100 private offices and a serene outdoor courtyard, SPACES-Pasadena has members from all professional backgrounds within the dynamic workspace community. The probability for potential business opportunities with your office neighbors are infinite!

    Get rid of any hurdles blocking your path to advancements in your professional career or business. With SPACES-Pasadena, you are in charge of your customized workflow. Adapt to a personalized work rhythm that motivates you to flourish and reach limits unimaginable.

    Are you ready to put your business on maximum overdrive? SPACES-Pasadena is now offering no rent until March 2021 with a December 2020 move-in date! With 3 months free, who can pass up on such an extraordinary offer?

    Schedule a tour today! Contact Area Manager David Morrison at 424-362-5562 or email for details.


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