SPACES, the trendsetting little sister of global parent company Regus, has taken the co-working community by storm in the past 5 years – offering clients the best of the best in office space, while serving a plethora of amenities and customer service incentives. January 16th, 2020 SPACES will open the latest addition to its portfolio with a brand new Pasadena location – spanning two floors and 50,000 square feet of primely positioned, luxury co-working offices.

    For both start-ups on the rise and substantiated companies, SPACES has broken barriers of what working environments have to look like, by-passing the usual commercial tenancy of multiple year contracts and drab boxed-in locations. With one, all-encompassing monthly price, tenants are provided highly secure and sound-protective office spaces inclusive of all utilities, and functional use of amenities including but not limited to: high-end kitchens, dining areas, conference rooms of the highest caliber, training rooms, outdoor areas, and more.

    The Pasadena SPACES, located at 680 E. Colorado Blvd, rings in the new year with an air of modern luxury. High-end finishes and thick sound-barring walls, lend to the atmosphere of intermingling success that occurs within the beautiful art-deco building. David Morrison, manager of the Pasadena SPACES, is the comeback-kid known for setting the tone at another highly successful location – 777 Alameda Street in Downtown Los Angeles at ROW DTLA. “What makes this location so unique is the fact that we have separated the business club area of the center from the private offices,” says Morrison, “This eliminates any distraction that could arise from the many diverse and highly popular networking events which are proprietary to SPACES locations. We understand that our clients are usually doing high volume executive level business and do not wish to participate in events at all times. The way we have curated our space allows for complete access as well as the ability to maintain regular and private business practices. So many of the other co-working office spaces (non-SPACES locations) blend the home and the workplace to an extent that could become a burden – being able to choose what to participate in should be your right as a full-time office client.”

    Lending to the air of this one-stop-shop environment is the community of perpetual success that occurs at each SPACES location. Attorneys, publicists, notaries, and tech start-ups are only a few of the many clients that grace the halls of SPACES locations. “The environment of SPACES has contributed greatly to our increases in revenue over the last three years. It seems like every time we need what would otherwise be an outside service, some incredible professional is right across the corridor. Working together breeds mutual successes and there is magic in these halls,” says Adelheid Waumboldt, President of the ISET Agency and three year SPACES tenant.

    Currently the SPACES Pasadena location is offering ‘Founders Rates’ for tenants who sign their lease before January 16th. Tours are scheduled through the main office from Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM and are a great way to see the incredible facilities and amenities to build the foundation of success upon.  Readers of this article are instructed to mention code #NEWYEAR for an additional 10% off rates. Come in and see the great new location at 680 E Colorado Blvd today!


    Phone: 424 362 5562

    Email: [email protected]


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