How To Safely Send A Parcel Abroad

    Sending a parcel abroad can seem like a daunting task at first as there is a lot of careful planning and consideration that needs to go into it. With packing, pricing and delivery options for you to consider beforehand, it is important to get started as quickly as possible to prevent any delays in shipping. In this article, we will be providing you with information on how you can send a parcel abroad in 2020. 

    Wrap Your Parcel With Protection In Mind 

    When wrapping your parcel to send it abroad, you need to consider the way that you package your parcel as this prevents it from becoming broken in transit. With packaging such as bubble wrap, inner boxes and polystyrene, you can make sure your package will make it to the final location without becoming broken. Whether you are sending one item, or you are sending an order to an international location using pallet delivery companies, it is crucial that the item is wrapped up accordingly as this will prevent damage in the long term. 

    Ensure Packaging Is Weather Proof 

    In addition to ensuring that your package is wrapped and protected, it is also important to weather-proof the box as moisture, extreme cold and heat can all affect the parcel during transit. By using plastic wrapping as mailing bags, you can weatherproof the outside of boxes whilst ensuring that the delivery address is still visible. This is crucial as this will prevent the package from becoming damaged should it be left outside in the cold making this ideal. 

    Put Address Clearly On The Front 

    Whether you decide to use a clearly printed sticky label to have the address or you write it on the front of the box with a waterproof marker pen, this will ensure that your parcel is then successfully delivered to the final destination. This is crucial as this will prevent it from being either returned to sender or delivered to the wrong person as a result. It may also be beneficial to write the delivery address a number of times as this will ensure that the courier service or postal service will see the delivery address and deliver it to the right place. 

    Apply For Parcel Tracking

    The final way that you can safely send a parcel abroad is by opting for parcel tracking. With a unique tracking number that is given to you by your chosen courier service, this allows both you and the recipient to track the parcel with ease. Not only will you receive notifications when the item has left its country of origin, but the recipient will receive constant updates on where the parcel is at all times. This can benefit you, particularly around the Christmas period as this will allow you to track its estimated time and ensure that your loved one is at home. 

    Regardless of whether you are sending a parcel halfway around the world or on a short trip to a neighboring country, each of the tips listed can help to safely send a parcel abroad regardless of the transportation method. 


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