Private Health Insurance: What are the 5 Major Benefits?


    As the public health sector continues to struggle to meet the demands of the public healthcare users, people are increasingly looking into private health insurance options across the globe. And unsurprisingly so, as private health insurance gives you the freedom to stay in control of your health through optimized care and coverage that fits your personal needs. While the public system is unable to personalize its approach according to the needs of the individuals, private systems thrive on personalization and are thus reducing extraneous costs and streamlining the diagnosis and treatment processes across the board.

    While some public health systems around the world function without a hitch, like in Denmark and other thriving economies, private insurance is still preferential due to its extra coverage and other benefits it brings to the table. Let’s explore these key benefits to help you decide whether you should rely on your public health system or if you should choose a private health insurance provider. 

    Reduce wait times at the doctor’s office

    Around the world, long wait times continue to be one of the most prevalent causes of poor public health, decreased life expectancy, and suboptimal treatment as well as treatment outcomes. Put simply, the more you have to wait for your appointment at your general physician and the more you have to wait for that MRI scan or a specialist’s checkup, the likelier it is that you will discover an illness in its latter stages, which becomes exponentially more difficult to treat as the condition progresses. 

    This not only has a negative impact on your physical health, but it can negatively impact your mental well-being as well. With private health insurance, you have the freedom to choose your hospitals and care providers, which can cut the waiting time by at least 50% compared to the public health system, and even provide you with expedited care within a matter of days. 

    Choose your hospitals and specialists


    Tying directly into the subject of decreased waiting times in hospitals, private health insurance gives you the freedom to choose your healthcare institutions, where you will be treated, and who will be in charge of your case. This means that you have the opportunity to received world-class treatment and care at a private health facility, which includes all of the perks such as healthy meals and meticulous day-long care from trained professionals that focus on your needs, recovery, and general well-being. 

    Of course, having private health insurance doesn’t mean that you can only get treatment in private health institutions, as the coverage encompasses facilities in the private as well as the public health sector, meaning that you can truly tailor your experience to your needs. This is especially important if you need to undergo complex surgery, because you can research whether a world-class specialist works at a private or a public hospital, and book the procedure with ease.

    Enjoy added coverage and extra care

    One of the major benefits and reasons why people around the world are increasingly choosing private health insurance is because it can complement and supplement the coverage provided by the public health sector. Unless you have everything covered in your standard health coverage provided by your employer, you should tend to meticulous health insurance comparison online to find a more comprehensive coverage option that includes things like dental, physiotherapy, prenatal and postnatal, in-home care, and more.

    While the public health sector will only cover the expenses of diagnosis and treatment of certain health conditions, it’s usually the crucial supplemental care that can last a long time that doesn’t fall into the coverage plan – which is where people have to dig into their personal savings accounts to make up the difference. The extras provided in private health insurance mitigates those costs. 

    Ensure privacy and comfort

    hospital bed

    Unlike in the public sector, you have the right to choose your accommodation per your unique needs and condition at a private health facility. This ensures comfort and privacy for the duration of the treatment and for as long as you have to stay in the hospital, which also minimizes mental stress and fatigue, all the while eliminating the risk of catching an infection from other patients in the room. In turn, all of this will speed up the recovery process.

    Build a better public system

    And finally, by choosing private health insurance you are effectively alleviating the pressure off of the over-encumbered public health system and helping those who are using it to get the treatment and care they deserve in a timely manner. This way, you are helping those who are unable to take out private insurance, all the while making the public system more efficient across the board.

    Wrapping up

    There is no denying that universal healthcare in certain countries works remarkably well, but in the vast majority of countries across the globe, the public system simply doesn’t have the resources to meet the demands of their population. By taking out private health insurance, you are not only getting top-of-the-line treatment and comprehensive coverage, you are also helping to make public healthcare more sustainable for all.


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