SPACES – City National Plaza (CNP): Office Spaces Reinvented

    Driven entrepreneurs are never defined by sticking to the traditional way of things. They instead search for novel approaches that best suit their business. Why should where they work be any different?

    Those archaic days of anchoring into stuffy cubicles are long gone. The go-getters of the world have business meetings in London, a flight to Seoul for production and then recruiting in Los Angeles. These movers and shakers need an office that’s as unique and portable as they are. That’s where Spaces has led the industry in creating such an environment.

    For more than a decade SPACES placed themselves at the forefront of innovation and comfort when it comes to creating convenient spaces that encourage creativity. While other companies disregard their working conditions, SPACES’ attentiveness has culminated them into a global powerhouse with a  presence in hundreds of locations. It’s caught the eyes of the world’s most inventive and imaginative companies such as TEDx, Uber, The School of Life and Finch Factor. “The flexibility at Spaces is hard to beat. There is a high level of comfort and possibilities to expand. We can work hard here and network with other tenants,” says Uber’s Marketing Manager Casper Oppenhuis de Jong.

    Spaces not only provides a wonderful shared facility for its tenants and members, but also an amazing social life, educational programs, activities to create a family community,” says famous Interior Architect Sevil Peach. Of all of the SPACES locations there’s no other that exemplifies this better than Los Angeles’ City National Plaza (CNP). Located in the heart of Los Angeles, SPACES-CNP presents organic opportunities for collaboration while offering flexible and tailored environments customized for companies of all sizes.

    SPACES-CNP serves a myriad of professionals ranging from established law firms, tech startups, Fortune 500 satellite offices to non profit headquarters, and a wide range of individuals looking to excel in their field. There’s nothing like it, as Area Manager David Mawer says, “It is satisfying and rewarding when I see connections being made organically across industries to leverage the others in the center.  Our members gain new potential clients just by turning around and saying hello. All this, and views that you can never get sick of.”

    Beyond the stellar work environment SPACES-CNP offers a charming Business Club area fitted with tailor-designed desks, sofas, tables and coffee bars, it’s ideal for those workers whose inspiration ignites from surrounding themselves with other energetic individuals. But for those needing privacy there’s over 50,000 feet of independent office spaces dedicated to more than 450 desks for one’s next plan for world domination.

    SPACES-CNP sets a distinct platform for its diverse community of thinkers, driven entrepreneurs, established businesses, and imagineers to confidently achieve their goals. With it only being 20 minutes away from Los Angeles’ major airports it’s perfect for LA natives or travelers. For tours of this rare environment and the thriving community inside of it, contact Spaces CNP. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a prospering business needing satellite offices, SPACES-CNP has the perfect office for you.


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