Underwear Solution for Crotch Adjusters – The Ball Stops Here

    ball adjustments 1 It’s an unfortunate fact that men replace their underwear only once per presidential term…or after a major rip (minor holes are fine). So fellas rely on holidays to replenish their supplies in between their shopping sprees.  This is an opportunity for you women out there to step in and update the underwear styles their men have been sporting since high school to something more fashionable like Underwear by Tommy John.
    Men’s underwear has come a very long way in the last few years. While it used to be all about value packs and cheap fabrics, it’s now being made from luxurious micro modal and incredibly durable and ball adjustments 5lightweight materials that keep his parts locked down (so he won’t be embarrassing you by adjusting himself in public).  And all Tommy John underwear comes with a “No Wedgie Guarantee,” so the only thing he’ll have to pull it out of…is his stocking.

    As an added bonus, Tommy John Air underwear is anti-odor and antimicrobial, because he’ll love it so much, he will probably try to get away with multiple days of wear if there aren’t any more clean.

    Stop Touching Yourself…The Ball Stops Here

    [youtube id=”GYOGFaIC3co”]


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