The Most LuKe-Rative Skywalker In Movie History

    Every generation has a story which defines their youth and dares them to dream even bigger than could ever be imagined. The initial trilogy released between 1977 and 1983 launched an heroic journey built around classic nostalgia, alliances, adventure, and perhaps the most shocking revelation in cinematic history- (Insert Maury Povich voice) Darth Vader. You are the father. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but come out from under your rock…

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (Hollywood), George Lucas created a pop culture phenomenon, never anticipating it’s almost 40 plus year stretch. The Star Wars franchise spawned more than just critically acclaimed and commercial success, but a movement as it continually lives in the hearts of fans, young and old, spanning lifetimes. After duly noted prequel flops, the new ownership of Disney, under the direction of who die-hards are referring to as Jar Jar Abrams, plus big budgets, promises to deliver special effects lightyears ahead of its time. The movie lines separating good vs. evil will no longer be blurred as the force will once again prevail.

    The epic space opera often battles up against its alternative counterpart Star Trek, among the self-proclaimed “nerd” and Comic Con crowd, however box offices numbers do not lie, as a clear winner emerges. With the holidays thrusted upon us, December is one of the hardest months to break records, especially opening weekends. However, the seventh installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already kept up their end of the bargain before its December 18th release date. Advance ticket sales have surpassed the $50 million mark prior to any so-called sneak-peak, while most movies don’t ever come close to those types of earnings, let alone exceed that amount throughout their theatrical run. The demand was so high technical glitches could not stop the eager moviegoers from re-entering this galactic fantasy once more. The universe is strong and so is the revenue.

    The franchise has collectively brought in over 7 billion between the movies, books, video games, toys, character costumes, and other themed merchandise- even female-driven luxury brands like Cover Girl can’t afford to miss out on a piece of the action. Retailers are preparing for explosive domestic numbers and are ready to pounce on the advantages.

    -But will this long-awaited next episode really be the biggest hit yet?
    Social media and projected analytics seems to think so- including the money-makers at Forbes and Fortune.

    Worldwide Box Office Sales

    Between the music, production, cinematography, original cast of unknown A-listers, up & coming stars, and the experience of the unknown, the pre-celebratory victory of this 2015 edition is warranted. While it cost a mere $200 million to produce, expected sales are estimated to expand past $650 million in the United States alone, and a total of $2 billion globally according to Morgan Stanley’s Benjamin Swinburne and RBC Capital Markets.

    There was never any doubt whether or not the flick would be profitable, but rather how big can the impending realization really be driven. Strong marketing and promotion across all divisions definitely contribute to the forecast, along with backing of many manufactured companies, but the authentic fanatics are what keeps the Star Wars legacy impactful! Consumers are certainly helping this popular film attain massive growth and evolve into a business rather than just a childhood favorite- achieving everlasting appeal with imagination.

    “This is the calm before the storm,” says Paul Dergarabedian, a senior analyst with box-office research firm Rentrak. “The closer we get to the film’s release, the excitement is going to reach fever pitch.”

    Safe to say the Star War’s Empire is Striking Back in a big way this 2015!

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