Smart Commercial Window Cleaning Techniques You May Not Know About

    If there’s one thing that looks easy yet actually one of the hardest things to do, it’s window cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t only take a sponge, soap, and a bucket of water to get streak-free windows. It requires the right tools and techniques to restore a window’s shine. 

    For business owners planning to offer their own window cleaning service, the right knowledge will help them get far more success in the industry. Check out these effective window cleaning tips that’ll help achieve crystal clear windows and satisfied customers:

    Get Streak-Free Windows Using the S-Technique 

    The S-Technique isn’t rocket science. Professional window cleaners use this technique to clean windows until they’re bright and spot-free. 

    First off, you can start by gathering the following tools and supplies: 

    • Squeegee 
    • Microfiber cloth 
    • Glass detergent 
    • Window mop 

    Now, let’s get started. Apply the cleaning solution using the microfiber cloth or mop and start scrubbing the glass. 

    Using the squeegee, clear the water by dragging the tool across the window, going toward the top left corner. Then, drag it toward the top right corner and down without lifting it off the glass. 

    To cover the mid part of the window, make arcing motions from right to left and back with the squeegee. Make sure it overlaps the remaining soap. 

    Then for the final stroke, close out by positioning the squeegee parallel to the side or the bottom of the window. Drain the excess water from the squeegee and repeat as necessary.

    Get Help from the Pressure Washer 

    Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels


    When untreated, windows can build up dirt that can be twice as hard to clean. In this case, professional window cleaners often use a pressure washer to restore windows to their brand-new condition. 

    Before using this method, window cleaners should know how to operate the machine. A single mistake can damage the glass and cause more harm than good. 

    It’s best to check the condition of the windows before anything else. If there’s any damage, postpone the cleaning until it is repaired. 

    Never Lift Your Feet Off the Ground with Water-Fed Poles

    Water-fed poles simply make window-cleaning a breeze, especially for high-rise houses or establishments. 

    These are extendable poles with a brush head and a water pump system that allows them to dispense water on demand. Water-fed poles use pure water, which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage the glass or leave streaks when cleaning. 

    To operate the pole, switch on the pump and the flow valve. Then, brush the entire window from the top edge first with the water flowing. We may need to brush multiple times, especially if a lot of dirt has accumulated in the corners. 

    Lastly, rinse off the glass by hovering the brush head about 10 inches from the window and letting the water flow like a curtain. 

    Professionals or even homeowners use water-fed poles to clean windows without having to use dangerous ladders. Plus, they don’t require the use of chemical solutions, which makes them safe for the health and the environment. 

    Tips and Tricks to Ace Window Cleaning 

    Photo by mrganso by Pixabay

    Those that want to take window cleaning to the next level first need to get top-notch window cleaning equipment and supplies. This ensures we don’t get a dull squeegee or a harmful detergent that will only botch your window cleaning jobs.

    After finding the right supplier, learn a thing or two from these tried-and-tested window cleaning tips: 

    • Remove tape, decals, gum, or paint using a glass scraper before starting the cleaning. 
    • Newspaper can smear glass windows and leave dark streaks. Leave out of the hype and avoid doing this! 
    • Use distilled or pure water when rinsing. This is less likely to leave water spots or mineral deposits on the glass. 
    • A cloudy day is a good day to clean windows. Although it may seem better to clean on a sunny day, it will dry out the cleaning solution more quickly and is more likely to leave streaks behind. 

    The Takeaway 

    There’s a reason commercial window cleaning is a booming industry. Clean windows, whether in the workplace or at home, just brightens up the room and lifts the mood. This is one of the many reasons it should be taken seriously. With the right tools and tricks, getting clean, smudge-free windows will be a piece of cake. 



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