Should You Marry Someone You Just Met?

    Is time a factor in deciding if you will marry someone? For some people, it is. For others, time doesn’t matter. Once you feel that you found the right person, you can pursue your plans. Besides, getting married is a risk anyway. You can never predict the future. Some people have only been together for a while, but they decided to get married. Years later, they’re still together. Others spent many years dating before getting married, but things fell apart. 

    The point is that time is only one of the factors to consider. If you believe that you didn’t have enough time to get to know each other yet, you can wait for a while. Some benefits come with time. You may also discover what you don’t like about each other and decide to end the relationship. It’s better to do it while you’re dating than going into a messy divorce. 

    You will know when you find the right one 

    Even if you didn’t spend too much time together yet, something will tell you that you already found the right one. You can close your eyes and not imagine life without her by your side. You can also say that it’s not infatuation since you felt that emotion before. This time, it feels different. If you’re confident that your partner is the right one, time shouldn’t hinder you. There are times when you recently met someone, but it feels like you knew each other for a long time. Your personalities match. You also have tons of similarities in interests and preferences.

    Take the risk

    Since getting married is a risk, regardless of how long you’ve known each other, you can decide to ask for her hand in marriage. If you feel that it’s the right thing to do, nothing should stop you. Waiting for more time to pass before you propose might be a regrettable decision. By then, she might think that you’re not interested in getting married and decide to move on.

    You can talk about it

    The good thing about having a relationship with open communication is that you can discuss anything. If you already started to talk about marriage even after a few months of dating, it’s a good sign. It means that your partner is open to the idea. You can take it as a cue to proceed with the plans.

    Find the perfect ring

    After deciding that you will ask her to get married, the next step is to find the perfect ring. If you live in the Summit or nearby areas, you can find Summit, NJ, jewelers at You will find the right choice that she will appreciate. If she agrees to get married to you, it calls for a celebration. 

    You can start preparing for the wedding details and do it together. You also have more time to get to know each other as an engaged couple before getting married. There’s always an opportunity to change your mind, but hopefully, it doesn’t happen. You don’t want to waste a wonderful relationship with a special person like her.


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