Shaving Face: Women No Longer Need To Shave or Be Embarrassed By Facial Hair

    Legs, underarms, bikini lines, Oh my!

    Those are typically the target areas synonymous for women expected to shave, wax, laser or rid hair by any means necessary. However, noticeable “peach fuzz” or fine hairs attached to the upper lip region (known medically as vellus hairs) have been an ongoing dilemma for women for years. The “traditional” efforts are notorious for causing discolorations, irritations and/or other potential damage to the skin. With vellus hairs never growing back in fuller or darker, what is the ultimate skin solution? With so many methods of madness to remove unwanted facial and body hair, some painful, inconsistent, or even ineffective, women have yet to come forward about borrowing this old concept…

    Or at least have been keeping mum till now! It’s an unofficial shave off!

    While the current evolving aesthetic trend for men thrives off their ability to proudly display their thick, full, masculine beards, unsightly hair follicles on a female’s stache, cheeks and chin are simply unflattering and often shamed by the stigma regarding facial hair. After all, beards and mustaches are manly things, right?

    A women’s ideal beauty is often associated with effortlessly soft, supple, young looking, & hairless skin! However, shaving this feminine facial hair goes deeper than what meets the surface.

    Ever notice why men have such smooth, even toned complexions well into a maturing age?

    caroline-manzojpg-f04c22f77fbe9f72_large The answer: Shaving!

    Experts say a well-groomed, close shave with an authentic sharp razor blade is all about keeping skin in the best possible condition through exfoliation of the dead skin cells. The benefits are real! Some highly accredited dermatologists even recommend the approach as being in essence the same medical technique known as derma-planning- but have women been hiding this? Or are the other half truly convinced?

    Despite iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor advocating their positive experience surrounding this beauty regime, most women confirm they are still not comfortable with the concept behind shaving their face. Few are ready to bare all with the public- literally and figuratively. In a recent announcement on CBS news, NJ Housewife Caroline Manzo of Bravo fame, has also boasted about her results, claiming she has been “shaving face” for over 15 years! “I’m just doing something to maintain my complexion and my skin. I’m not a believer in injections and Botox, I do nothing of that sort. So, I have to do something, how I do it, I shave it… Men shave and they have beautiful skin for the most part. They’re exfoliating, I’m exfoliating every single day in the simplest of ways, what’s there to be ashamed of,” Manzo said. However, when asked, women on the street remained hesitant and turned off by the idea- or at least that’s what they were vocalizing. How do we know what’s accurate? Is it an even split among the ladies?
    Truth be told, everyone has their own little tricks to locate the fountain of youth. Unwanted and embarrassing hair is one thing, but the bigger selling point is the dynamic and progressive improvement to one’s overall skin and appearance. How far are women willing to go?

    If not shaving, then what options are available for women of all skin and hair types and colors to achieve desirable results that will enable both hair-free, smooth, upgraded, rehabilitated and refined skin?

    One of the latest revolutionary alternatives to consider is the patented, The Smooth System by Lucy Peters. This treatment is suited for everyone and does not discriminate against any individual variable. Introducing The LPS 33 Epilator, a flexible needle-like probe sending an RF current into each and every single hair follicle, desiccate the blood vessels, and seamlessly eliminating any future hair growth, the FDA immediately recognized the immense value as it is the only proven strategy, exclusive to the renowned Lucy Peter’s brand. No surrounding skin tissues is touched or effected during the process, alleviating any concern of injury or scarring and leading to desirable and improved skin, safe for all skin and hair, types and colors! The Smooth System by Lucy Peters is both a medical & aesthetic solution committed to your skin. With a flawless record of advanced achievement for over 40 years, Lucy Peters Smooth System has been the beauty and aesthetic space’s best kept secret. Over 100,000 satisfied clients and counting are a true testament to the Lucy Peter’s vision of becoming serious about smooth.

    This device and customized treatment plan is single-handedly creating a new market for the hair-removal and aesthetic industry. Essentially how cool-sculpting helped to transform the fat-loss movement with a non-invasive substitute, The Smooth System can replace shaving, waxing, and laser with bonus advantages.

    xilstzvofrtutr9fs7cwhj90d800yn04nlaoi3pjuirxnbozhwvwclc2elwgllh5 With the promise of The Smooth System by Lucy Peters, “smooth” & “shave” are two words that no longer need to follow one another for successfully clean, enriched hairless skin!

    For healthy advantages and hair-free skin benefits guaranteed to extend beyond your expectant desirable results, the Smooth System by Lucy Peters is available with a safe and effective customized plan today!

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