Seven Great Cities to Work as a Construction Contractor In During 2022

    Construction contractors enjoy some of the highest job flexibility of any profession in the United States. Especially for workers who enjoy traveling, or simply want to relocate, the number of fantastic cities where you can earn a high wage is impressive. 2022 has seen the landscape shift once again, making the cities where you can expect the best balance of wage and job opportunities differ from previous years. To help workers find the city that will serve them the best, here are seven great cities to work as a construction contractor in during 2022:

    1. Los Angeles, CA


    LA has remained an absolute beast for the construction industry in 2022, continuing its decades-long streak as being a major center for construction contractors in the United States. Even as we deal with the new normal that Covid-19 has thrust upon us, LA remains strong at creating great, well-paying jobs for construction contractors. Touchless technologies, the ease of getting permits through digital platforms, and strong safety protocols have helped contribute to LA’s number-one spot. Currently, the average salary for a construction worker in LA is a whopping $54,339, and the average number of jobs available at any given time is a massive 254.

    2. Chicago, IL


    Especially after the increase in infrastructure spending 2022 has brought to the industry, Chicago has retaken its throne as a major source of work for construction contractors. The city’s metro is being revamped, and new lanes are being added to the Eisenhower Expressway this year, making the number of high-paying jobs in the city mind-boggling. Mix into this equation the number of residential projects that are happening in the city, and you have a sure thing for any construction contractor looking for steady work. In 2022, the average salary for a construction worker in Chicago comes in at $57,762, and the average number of jobs available is an impressive 178.

    3. Seattle, WA


    The educational, business, and residential construction sectors of Seattle have been massively strengthened over the last few years, making 2022 a promising year for construction workers in the area. Massive business players, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are also flocking to the city, making the number of hyper-budget construction projects happening in Seattle impressive. At the time of this article, the average salary for construction workers in Seattle is $55,642, and the average number of jobs available in the industry is 133.

    4. San Francisco, CA


    There was a notable decline in available construction jobs within San Francisco during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with the growing number of Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, and the increased infrastructure spending in the city, San Francisco has reclaimed its reputation of being a fantastic place for construction workers. New power plants and other major city-wide projects are making the city an even safer bet for construction contract workers. If you move to San Francisco for construction work, you can expect an average salary of $61,168 and will have an average number of 116 jobs available to apply to at any given time.

    5. Boston, MA


    Construction work in Boston is seeing a huge boom, and there are even some statistics that suggest construction projects are more plentiful in Boston than they’ve been in two decades. In 2020, Boston even committed to $8.5 billion in development projects, making the amount of work available insane (even in 2022). For construction workers in Boston, the average current salary is a majorly impressive $66,404, and the average number of construction jobs in the area ends up being 113.

    6. Philadelphia, PA


    Philadelphia is known for its unique, down-to-Earth building styles and varied construction projects, and the blue-collar friendly city has ensured that it’s a sure bet for construction workers looking to relocate. Residential, commercial, and state-funded projects are still plentiful in Philadelphia in 2022. The post-pandemic boom in infrastructure spending in Philadelphia has proven especially profitable for construction contractors. While the average construction worker’s salary of $47,255 is a bit lower than other cities on the list, the cost of living in the city is significantly lower, allowing the pay rate to balance out. Lastly, those looking for work in the city during 2022 can expect there to be an average of 109 jobs available to them when they begin their search.

    7. Denver, CO


    Denver’s massive population boom over the last decade has ensured many construction projects are happening in the state at any given time. The huge demand for workers makes the city a great place for those just beginning to start their careers and is also one of the more accessible locations where you can become fully licensed as well. With the increased infrastructure spending of 2022, the number of projects, especially surrounding the city’s roadways, has gone up that much more. Workers in the area can expect an average salary of $50,504 and will be given an average of 106 jobs to apply for.

    2022 is a Year for Change


    Whether you’re looking for a change in the form of a new location or a heightened paycheck, 2022 is shaping up to be amazing for construction contractors. Each of these seven cities provides a place to experience diverse, fulfilling work experiences. With the right move, you’ll be leading a dreamy professional and personal life throughout 2022.

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