Samurai Clothes And Swords 101

    Regarded as one of the best Japanese swords, the Nodachi sword was designed to be used for fighting. The ninja used the Japanese Nodachi and samurai. However, Japanese Nodachi can also be used as a modern sword. Here are all you should know regarding Japanese Nodachi and Samurai clothing. From the pros, cons, to features, these facts will help you shop for your next Japanese Nodachi like a pro.


    Nodachi sword is approximately thirty-five inches long. However, this is pure approximation. A typical katana sword is around 28 to 29 inches long.

    What’s A Nodachi sword?

    A Nodachi sword is a traditional Japanese sword that was used by the samurai class in feudal Japan. Weighting around 1.97 kilograms, these swords come with a handle length of around thirty-five to fifty centimeters long. These swords were used in prayers before proceeding to war


    Japanese swords have long been used for effective fighting. Popularly used by the ninjas, Nodachi was a relatively large weapon. Because of its massive size, a new sword known as katana was created. However, the Nodachi sword is still available in various online stores. Many collectors collect it and then preserve it as an ancient sword. Like any other swords, Nodachi has its own pros and cons. And for you to make the right buying decision, you need to know them.


    Nodachi swords are generally affordable. They come with long wooden blades and relatively short blades. The curved blades allow them to be utilized for better, as well as, effective cutting. Plus, these swords offer greater striking ability. Fabricated with high-quality metals, Nodachi swords are durable and easy to use.


    The only issue with Nodachi swords is that they’re quite large in size. So, you might find it a little bit hard attacking with them. Sword fighting involves using the blade off-hand and controlling it for certain moves. And this might not be achievable with a large sword.

    Nodachi swords are generally stiff and can’t be deformed. Moreover, the blade is only sharpened on one side. Thus, all the damage will only occur on a single side. You can’t change the direction of the cutting as per your desire. To make it worse, your opponent knows where the sharp edge is located. And because of this, they can easily use disarming techniques against.

    Key Takeaway

    To use a Nodachi sword, you should possess the right skills. You must have the required training to effectively utilize these long swords. There are countless videos available online that can provide you with proper training on how to use a Nodachi sword. Once you’ve acquired the right training, you can actually use this sword for different purposes. For instance, you can utilize it for defense purposes, for climbing up the walls, as well as, for reaching great heights.

    The Bottom-Line

    The above is all you should know regarding Japanese Nodachi. So, before shopping for your next Japanese Nodachi, get the facts right. Know the pros and understand the features.


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