How Julia Wang Became The #1 Real Estate Influencer on Social Media

    Did you know that the life of a Real Estate agent is an interesting one? Just imagine working in a fast-paced industry where the competition is fierce, and the stakes are high. Yes, that is their way of life. However, while in this industry, you can engage in influencer marketing, which is one of the most effective ways to reach thousands of new leads on the web. Influencer marketing helps with social proof, persuasion, and is overall a good strategy in an interactive environment. Therefore, becoming a Real Estate influencer yourself allows you to attract more visitors to your site and generate a secondary income source.

    Julia Wang is the #1 voted realtor on social media. The mother of two has been a top producer for the last five years. Her online marketing presence is impossible to beat because she has almost 90k followers on Instagram, a blog, and a popular YouTube channel. She is one of the few in her industry who is an influencer and a realtor. Apart from being a realtor and influencer, she has a reliable following based on her fashion and lifestyle photos. Julia is a boss babe and a game-changer in the Real Estate game, one of the first and top realtor influencers on social media. But how did Julia achieve success to become the #1 Real Estate influencer on social media?

    Utilizing Social Media

    Using social media in Real Estate results in the highest quality leads compared to other sources. Almost all millennials don’t prefer in-person referrals, but they begin their home search online, making social media a perfect goldmine for Real Estate businesses. As a Realtor, you are supposed to use social media marketing platforms to make your brand known. Facebook is one of the major social media platforms you can use in marketing. It allows you to reach your target audience, publish updates and content, and communicate with your clients. Facebook ads allow you to directly target demographics that have shown interest in buying a property.

    While other realtors use traditional routes and stuff mailboxes with direct mailers, Julia utilizes social media and online marketing to stay ahead in the Real Estate industry. Instagram is another social media platform that is booming for the Real Estate business. Julia uses Instagram to reach her clients. Besides, features like Instagram Stories make it easy for realtors to provide personalized and quick updates each day.

    Utilizing Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is considered the future of Real Estate. It boosts your exposure in the online world. Besides, it is cost-friendly and enables you to reach your target audience and understand their demand easily. In other words, it is the best and fastest way to generate leads.

    Julia is an accredited luxury home specialist. She is also Houston’s “TOP 20 UNDER 40” agent. She encourages realtors to invest in themselves and to never give up on their success journey. If you want to know more about the Real Estate world, communicate with Julia on Instagram.


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