Roland Reznik: A Modern Day Mobility Pioneer

    We all want to make changes in the world for the better. But wanting them and aggressively creating a meaningful evolution are two very different things.  For as long as he can recall, internationally renowned entrepreneur Roland Reznik knew he was going to lead the pack by example and foster positive advancements that would have lasting impact.


    Ambitious, bright eyed and brimming with ideas, New Jersey native Reznik considers himself a forerunner from birth.  With innumerable companies under his belt and years within the opulent landscape of luxury cars and lifestyle brands, he yearned for more. The son of a father who owned and operated a medical rehabilitation center, Reznik witnessed the dramatic shift back to strength, health, well-being first hand; fully cognizant of how one man made change with passion, perseverance and a strong will to break societal boundaries.

    But unlike other savvy businessmen flooding the professional landscape, Roland Reznik encompasses one very pivotal differentiating point – compassion.
    In 2013, the wheelchair industry eternally changed with the launch of this industrialist’s brainchild, KD Smart Chair. Marrying his acute business sense and teachings from his father with a driving ambition to transform and reform, Reznik’s KD Smart Chair has grown exponentially to become a leading force in the wheelchair mobility market. With a 19.2% expected growth in this sector over the next four years*, his forecast for the needs in the marketplace are impeccable.

    KD Smart chair is the original lightweight, foldable power wheelchair, offering two award winning models. The standard model, weighs a mere 50 lbs., and provides weight support for passengers up to 265 lbs., and the heavy duty version (weighing just 59 lbs.) accommodates up to 397 lbs. of weight. Not only are KD Smart Chairs ideal for transport, offering adjustable speeds and customized accessories, but both models house lithium batteries that provide up to 15 miles of travel. As technology advances, Reznik ensures that his products will reform as well – with a promise to consistently deliver top performance, convenience, affordable cost and a trusted, reliable brand to his customers.

    electric-wheelchair-foldable-lightweight-kdsmartchair“I recognized that not only there was a dramatic need for a change in the options available within this arena [those with disabilities], but more importantly there was an urgent call to alter the stigma of being impaired. I set out to create a device that not only offered freedom in mobility, but one that lifted self-esteem and gifted control and a sense of normalcy”, said CEO, Roland Reznik.

    Praise and recognition for KD Smart Chair are plentiful, and not just from grateful customers, but from high profile media, including CBS’s The Doctors and publications such as New Mobility Magazine. This lightweight power chair has been cited as one of the most radical and progressive additions to the mobility solutions platform to date. “This chair has changed me – I have my everyday life back in way I never imagined I could. I have regained my independence”, said a KD Chair owner at the Abilities Expo Conference. The proof is certainly in the testimonials of this motorized wheelchair.

    Roland Reznik is not just a CEO and entrepreneur, but a modern-day pioneer. He is an inspiring innovator that continues to grow and foster his company based on the simple mission of giving back to those in need. Globally, people’s lives continue to be enriched and transformed as KD Smart Chair aggressively builds its portfolio within the mobility aid industry. “The flood of positive responses I get from KD users is humbling” says Reznik. “This is what continues to fuel me to push forward with new and innovative ways to continue to help others succeed in their day-to-day lives.  I am inspired by the personal exchanges I have with my customers and reminded how one small idea yielded such a vast positive personal outcome.”

    What can we expect next from this young visionary? Compassionate, spirited and forward-thinking growth and development of the KD Chair brand. Reznik pledges to offer expansions that continue to cultivate the lives of not only the disabled, but help flourish the lives of the family and friends that support them.

    For more information on KD Smart Chair, please visit their website at:

    *According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Electric Wheelchair Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020,


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