Rising Rap Artist KOMA’s Sit Down

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    JS: How do you think growing up in Boston shaped your style, your passion and your desire to achieve success if the music industry?

    KOMA: Growing up in Boston, you are the underdog. So the hunger generated from being on the outside looking in, creates passion.

    JS: What has been the most difficult hardship that has contributed to your music or that you have had to endure in your career thus far?

    KOMA: The level of support is a factor. I feel there are so many talented individuals from where I’m from. Now we are finally breaking the barrier. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    JS: What are your specific goals with your music? Who would you say your music speaks to the most? Your target demographic?

    KOMA: Man, I feel if you’ve seen hardship and heartache.. Had crazy nights you can’t remember, hit the club and balled out a few times, or striving for more.. You are my demographic.. I speak with experiences and emotions, so a lot of people can relate.

    JS: Who in the game right now would you love to collaborate with?

    KOMA: Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick, Meek, Joe Budden, Adelle… I could honestly keep going for awhile. Lol.

    JS: Who from the past? 

    KOMA: Notorious BIG, DMX, UGK, Pac, Scarface, and Luda

    JS: How do you separate yourself from other up and coming or established artists? Lyrically? Visually? Message? Etc.

    KOMA: I try not to sound like everyone else. I just can’t. My pride wouldn’t allow me to fit in!! I like to change flows/subjects/genres. I just want to be considered a true artist.

    JS: Your recently released project THE ADDICTION clearly identifies your hunger, attitude and exceptional lyrical style. Can you explain the 2 face aspect of the cover on The Addiction Mixtape?

    KOMA: The half faces was a pretty deep concept for me. I had just lost a best friend, so a part of me had felt like I died. Some part of me wanted to continue and another part of me didn’t. I would always listen to Nirvana before football games and Odin (my best friend) would always clown me for it. Lol. So who better to share the cover with than Kurt Cobain. Who gave life to music and such a influential music figure that lost his life.


    JS: Well, that leads me right into the next question. The project is dedicated in memory of your best friend Odin Lloyd – Death gave him Music, Music gave him Life… Do you mind sharing with us details of the meaning and how he inspired you?

    KOMA: He was the first person to listen to my music and believed I had talent. He would tell everyone I was going to blow up one day and he would be my security. It’s crazy but I still believe in that statement because his spirit still protects me.

    JS: What goes through your head right before you perform on stage?

    KOMA: I like to pump myself up. I think about the people that didn’t believe or felt I shouldn’t be on that stage and I turn up for them. Lol. I give my all onstage because I do it like I have a crowd of non believes out there.

    JS: Okay, so I did a bit of Instagram stalking? Did I see something about making a movie? Is that another venture you hope to pursue? Tell us about that…

    KOMA: I use to want to do a film or two but ever since Kevin Hart started killing it I’ve been getting the look alike title lol. So I will stick to music haha!!

    JS: Tell everyone how they can listen? Watch? Where is your music found? Itunes? Social Media? Soundcloud? YouTube? Etc. Spell it all out for us!




    My Facebook Page

    IG: @Itskoma or my website, itskoma.com!



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