Report on the National E-Currency Is Presented by the Central Bank of Sweden

    The Central Bank of Sweden Will Be Presenting a Report Regarding the Country’s Digital Currency.

    This study was conducted as part of a project by the Riksbanken to develop a digital currency that will be known as the e-krona. The electronic krona project was first kicked off in 2017, and it is predicted that the preparations for a public procurement procedure would get underway in the year 2021.

    According to the ekrona Riksbank, the distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain technology, that was utilised in the pilot to support the electronic krona was administered jointly by the Riksbank and the corporation Accenture that specialises in providing technological solutions. Additionally, the Riksbank asserts that the issuance and operation of e-kronor will need a lower amount of energy than Bitcoin does currently.

    It is called the Riksbank.

    An investigation was conducted by the ekrona to investigate whether laws would be applicable to an official digital currency that would be issued by the Central Bank of Sweden. It was found that the legislation that governs electronic money would most likely not be relevant, as the process of issuing the e-krona would entail the Riksbank’s duty as a public authority.

    In addition, the Riksbank looked at the technological aspects of how the e-krona could comply with anti-money laundering regulations that are currently in force. It was stated that the regulations regarding the washing of funds would be applied to the electronic krona as well.

    The investigation led to the conclusion that, despite the fact that it is conceivable that it may be technically viable to produce an anonymous e-krona, the utilisation of such anonymous currencies ought to be regulated in order to comply with Swedish law. This conclusion was reached despite the fact that it is conceivable that it may be possible to produce an anonymous e-krona.

    In Sweden, the issuance of legally recognised coins and notes is controlled exclusively by the Riksbank, the country’s central bank. This is required under the Swedish Constitution, specifically chapter 9, section 1 (Regeringsformen (SFS 1974:152)), which specifies that the Riksbank is the only institution that has the authority to carry this out. In addition to this responsibility, it is the Riksbank’s duty to ensure that the Swedish monetary system is as stable as feasible at all times.



    To ensure that “confidence in the monetary system is maintained” is another one of these reasons, which must be fulfilled. To be more specific, the e-krona would be a form of digital currency that could only be issued by the Riksbank and would be insured by the state, just like the physical bills and coins that are produced by the Riksbank. This would make the e-krona comparable to the physical bills and coins that are produced by the Riksbank.

    This task was delegated to the group by the Swedish government. In addition, the Swedish government has given the task of investigating the future role of the national state in the Swedish payment market to a group. In addition to this, the panel will look at the potential function that Sweden’s payment sector could serve for an official digital currency. (Dir 2020:133 Statens role på betalningsmarknaden.) In particular, one of the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the group is to

    Make a diagram that illustrates the structure of the payment market as well as the regulations that control it;

    Find out what the payment market will look like in the future by analysing the patterns that are currently prevalent in Sweden and other countries.

    It is necessary to investigate the effects that digital payment systems that are wholly or partially dissimilar from currencies that are issued by governments or supranational organisations have on Sweden’s economy, as well as the effects that digital payment systems that are issued by both the private sector and the government, in order to determine whether or not they are able to support socially significant activities during times of peace, crisis, or military readiness. The standing of the state in the financial market comes in at number four.

    Aside from that, the group is tasked with researching the future function of legal tender and determining whether or not any legislative changes are required to money issued by the Swedish Central Bank. In addition to that, the group is tasked with assessing whether or not any changes are required to legal tender (currently coins and bills).

    Through this assessment, it will become clear whether or not there is a need for any adjustments to be made with regard to money.

    The first deputy governor of the Riksbank, Cecilia Skringsley, gave a talk on the Riksbank’s plans for the e-future krona’s on the 25th of January 2022 during the opening session of the DC3 conference, which was headlined “From cryptocurrencies to CBDCs.” The topic of her talk was the Riksbank’s plans for the e-future krona’s. She reported that the Swedish parliament is currently conducting a formal inquiry into the prospect of adopting an electronic version of the Swedish krona. She said that the investigation will last for around one month.

    Riksbank is carrying on with its work on the legal problems, and it will continue to offer its assistance throughout the course of the year to the formal investigation that will be carried out by the Swedish parliament. According to Skringsley, “it is most likely going to be necessary to pass law in order to fulfil future needs.” Laws against money laundering and getting to know your customers were among the topics he emphasised, as were regulations on the maximum amount that can be paid out. It is highly likely that new laws will have to be enacted in order to satisfy forthcoming requirements.

    In the meantime, Skringsley has voiced her unwavering faith that the private sector would be able to construct new payment services employing the platform provided by the Riksbank.

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