Renewable Energy and Its Adaptation to the Modern Homes

    Sustainable homes are exactly one of the innovations the world needs with the continuing decline of the environment and climate change. It’s a fact that households today participate in carbon dioxide emissions and thus contribute to the damaging greenhouse effects. This situation seriously weakens the ecosystems and impairs human, animal and plant health.

    Every year, more and more trends emerge which promote renewable energy, clean tech and ways to cause benefits for the environment. Trends like energy storage which will balance supply and demand of power and countries embracing climate action plans will bring great positive changes to the global temperature. Realistically, the global need for energy won’t change or reduce so communities and countries need to come up with programs that will stop hurting the planet and allow it to recover.
    And it all starts small before it gets bigger. Every home using renewable energy, in one way or another, participates in the ever-growing green movement to help the planet and save life on it. If you would like to join this fight for our planet, here are suggestions on how to use renewable energy and its adaptation to modern homes.

    Power your modern home with a wind turbine

    You are used to seeing wind turbines on wind farms, but not all homes have access to those and you may not have the option of using the power they generate. However, while those may be out of reach, you can still use this renewable energy and adapt it to your home. Namely, by installing a small wind turbine on your property you will be able to power your home if you have sufficient Eolic activity in your area.

    There are some issues with this renewable energy source and its installation in a residential area which might be the reason why they are so scarce. First of all, they can visually impair the area as well as make a lot of noise so some local regulations and laws may forbid their use. They are also very bulky and if you don’t have enough room to install one, you will have to find another source of renewable energy.

    Use hydropower, if possible

    If there is a river or stream on your property, then you have access to a renewable energy source right on your doorstep. Just by diverting part of this water body and directing it to flow through a turbine you will be able to power your household with hydro energy. Of course, the quantity of power will depend on the water flow and if you do the harvesting of energy in a proper manner.
    Namely, you need to find the largest vertical distance this water body travels and then divert it so it runs through the turbine. Once you are able to use this renewable source of energy, you will have a stable power supply even more so than wind or solar. It may be a challenging project, but it’s the one with lasting benefits and steady inflow of energy to your modern home.

    Start with small solar changes

    If you don’t have the means or are not ready to power the whole house with solar energy, then try some of the small versions of this renewable energy source. Basically, you can power some parts or appliances of your home with solar energy without having to go through with big renovations and expenses.

    Solar ovens are actually a welcoming addition to the household considering that this appliance uses a considerable amount of electricity. The eco-friendly version works on the principle of literally using sunlight to heat and prepare food. These appliances are available at stores and it will come in handy during the power outage, as well as if you want to lower your energy bill.
    Another appliance which can greatly benefit from solar energy is a water heater. This way you will easily heat the radiators when it’s cold, have a supply of warm water and significantly cut the bills for gas or electricity. Moreover, the solar heater is a much cheaper system to heat the water and easier to install than the solar panels.

    Install solar panels on the roof

    Solar panels are the most common method or at least the first one people think of when talking about renewable energy sources. While you can install them in your yard, consult with solar panel electricians to place them on the rooftop where they will harness more energy. The whole installation process is made easier with solar shingles, a new photovoltaic roof tiles which are cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing.

    If you need to replace your old tiles, it may be the right opportunity to use solar shingles and lower the cost of the whole installation process from the start. Although the costs for transferring to this renewable energy have lowered over the years, it’s still a bit expensive and that is the primary reason people don’t use it. However, you will immediately witness lower energy bills and over a longer period of time, you will even save money and help the environment at the same time.

    Consider installing a hybrid system

    The hybrid system is a combination of wind and solar power to create a stable supply of energy for a household. This is an ideal way of powering a home if you want to go completely sustainable and stop using conventional methods for electrical supply. Since you would be using two energy systems, the whole power supply is more stable and reliable considering these are available in turns during the year.

    For example, the sun is strong in the summer when the wind is lower, and the situation changes in the winter when the wind prevails. The systems will also be at its fullest during different times of day, which makes the hybrid a perfect way to use renewable energy in a modern home.

    Final thoughts

    What type of renewable energy to use and its adaptation to the modern homes will depend on the conditions in the area and readiness of residents to invest in this change. People are usually scared by the installation price, although in the long-run renewable power means lower energy bills and a healthier environment. Maybe it’s best if you start small with a solar water heater and then proceed to a more comprehensive solution.


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