Reasons Why Male Sex Toys Are More Popular Now Than Ever Before

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    Previously, male sex toys have occupied a somewhat stigmatized place in society. Men who buy them have to deal with feelings of inferiority relating to them feeling it necessary to purchase sex toys to upgrade their personal time. In reality, a man owning sex toys reflect very little on himself other than the fact that he would like to have something a step up from his own hand when it comes to pleasuring himself. Of course, male sex toys are also becoming much more accepted and popular for other reasons, and they are as numerous as the men choosing to purchase these toys.

    So, without any further delay, here’s a little bit as to why male sex toys are going through something of a golden age:

    Technology Has Integrated Wonderfully

    Sexuality and adult topics have spurred technological advancements for a long time now, with some even crediting the win of VHS over Betamax and DVD over Laserdisc as heavily influenced by the preferences of pornographic movie creators. Technology and sex toys have now intersected to great effect, with many male sex toys now coming with Bluetooth support and full in-app control for extra fun. Not only that, what sex toys can accomplish has came a long way. Rechargeable batteries are smaller, last longer, and are more powerful than they were previously which makes some toys much more worthwhile now. The sheer amount of automated masturbation devices for men is a testament to this technological advancement, with toys that can buzz, rotate, or even have air pumps inside of them to make the experience more immersive.

    Sex Toys Are Less Shady

    Ten years ago most of the sex toys available to men were toys of dubious safety and reputation. Now, there are sex toy manufacturers that market their toys much in the same way any other product manufacturer would. Companies are ditching the oversexualized nature of their toys in favor of giving accurate descriptions of their toys and how they are meant to be used. The idea that many companies have been called “the Apple of sex toys” further reinforces this idea. You don’t have to buy the Mega Dirtwad Pocket Pussy anymore, you can get any kind of toy you’d like with as many or as little sexual undertones as you’d like from a manufacturer you trust with your body.

    The Stigma Around Male Masturbation Is Eroding, Fast

    With the rise of NoFap and similar discussion about male sexuality and release, people have become a lot more comfortable discussing the topic, leading many to come to the conclusion that owning a sexual aid isn’t really that big of a deal. Men have just as much right to be comfortable with their sexuality than women do, and few people chastise women for seeking out vibrators. Since men can conceptualize their needs in a much less shameful way, male sex toys are being seen more as products meant to service the male population instead of weird novelties for the sexually deranged.

    The Options Are Numerous

    The sheer range of male sex toys available is also a major driver in the increasing interest these toys are enjoying. Instead of something that’s trying its hardest to be the female vagina, there are toys of different designs meant to compliment the male anatomy for maximum pleasure. Other aspects of male sex toys like how easy they are to store, clean, and use have been dealt with with new sex toy designs, meaning there are options that appeal to men where there weren’t any before. With all of these choices, there’s a much higher chance a man will find something that speaks to him personally.


    All of these reasons are still in their infancy, meaning that the popularity of male sex toys is more than likely far from its true peak. In fact, the reasons cited above only become more and more compelling with each and every passing day thanks to the current level of interest being a driver of innovation. Sex toy companies understand what a man is trying to accomplish in his spare time and are marketing toys to them in ways that are down to earth as well as non-patronizing. So, if you’re on the fence about getting a male sex toy, know that the only reason to not pick one up is if you truly believe you don’t think it would improve your personal time, what other people think doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.


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