Purposeful steps can lead us out of our comfort zones. Growth comes from experiences that make you tap into areas of yourself that you've never connected with before.

    Purposeful Steps Through Your Life

    Chef Franco Lania | Omaha, Nebraska

    Let’s all think about this for a minute. Are all journeys in life purposeful despite what road we go down? Humm! Good or bad, rich or poor every human has something they can teach, share, and uplift another human being with. The trick is this can only happen if they choose to do so. The biggest drawback for lending an ear or sharing some words of wisdom with someone is oftentimes connected to selfishness, jealousy, fear, etc. What we do to one another out of these emotions can be very disheartening. Goodness in people comes from being able to stretch out and help someone if you can, even though you might need help in some areas of your life as well.

    Often times our life’s journey will force us to slow down or even pull over to the side of the road for a much-needed pitstop. And this is all okay because all journeys are important. In time they begin to create purposeful steps in the right direction. Purposeful steps sometimes step us up and out of our comfort zones. Growth comes from experiences that make you dive deep and tap into areas of yourself that you’ve never connected with before. This is very powerful and extremely life-changing in many positive ways. However, as a journey towards our life’s ambitions begins to take momentum it is very easy to forget about other people. Your circle of family and friends maybe there to cheer you on, but somehow you might forget that they could use a cheerleader too at times. There’s an old saying and it goes like this.

    “You can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat those that can do nothing for them.”

    We must remind ourselves that as our purposeful steps become more and more purposeful how will we react to the less fortunate ones around us? Remember negative thoughts always like company. Negativity is a dangerous thing. It can take over your entire character and attract negative people, places, and things into your life. And this leads us to another great quote to remember.

    You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

    Do not feel like it’s a waste of time to take a timeout from your life. Many people have to do this. Even the most successful people must face much-needed time-outs as well.  Every once and a while it might be very beneficial to pull over to the side of the road you’re on for a pitstop. Quickly re-evaluate your current set of circumstances, change your attitude, deflate your ego, lessen the load and upgrade to better tires. Then you’re off again!  You’re cruising in the right direction with less baggage and more confidence as you rev your engine and get back on track. 

    All purposeful steps toward your life’s goals and dreams usually won’t manifest themselves exactly when you want them. Life is the boss! You are not. Your decisions and how you respond to your everyday circumstances will depict when and how the realization of your aspirations will come about. Some of our goals can become very hypnotic and grab hold of us to the point where we become completely engulfed by them. This happens often to many passion-driven people.

    The key is to get refocused and create a balance between the steps you are so diligently taking toward your goals and the people around you who might be suffering because of it. This is easier said than done. However, purposeful steps are not solely for goals, ambitions, and dreams. Oh no! There is a double-edged sword at play here. Relationships with your family and friends can often become adversely affected by your incessant drive to obtain your greatness. Hopefully, a balance will be created between personal, professional, family, and friendship ambitions. And, ultimately your purposeful steps will eventually shine bright because you are now treading correctly in all areas of your life.

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