Publix Subs, Why Should You Try This?

    It is well known that most Americans like sandwiches. In the US, there is a huge number of different stores selling them. It would seem that a sandwich is a very simple product, but each network has its own secrets and sells its own special sandwiches. If you live in the South, you can find a decent competitor to Subway, which is Publix.

    Publix Subs (or how it is also called Pub Subs) — is a good place for having a quick lunch. You can grab any type of subs without distracting from the shopping or take them out to the office. The deli department is proud to offer a variety of options, including fried chicken, fresh salads, and refreshing tea or coffee. However, most people prefer to have a sandwich. Why should you try them?

    • flexible price: you can order half of the sub and save on it or take the whole one;
    • fresh ingredients: everything is freshly-cooked and good-looking;
    • promos and special deals: you can ask the seller about the weekly deals or preview the upcoming Publix ad on

    What Are the Top-5 Subs to Grab?

    Publix has a long history of selling subs, which dates back to the 60s of the previous century. Since then, it has been maintaining several core offers and introduces several limited options from time to time. Most clients have their favorite options, and if you don’t have such — here are the top 5 Publix proposals:

    1) Chicken Tender Sub

    This sandwich has quickly gained its popularity and became the best-seller in the chain. The freshly-baked bun and softly-cooked chicken breast, combined with fresh tomatoes and salad leaves, is best served with melted cheese and sauces at your choice. Some say that it is even better than the famous McChicken at McDonald’s or Chicken Cheeseburger at KFC. So, if you don’t know exactly what to order, this sandwich is a nice option.

    2) Chicken Cordon Bleu 

    All the lovers of the veal schnitzel made by the Swiss recipe “Cordon Bleu” will love this sub for sure. With this sub, you will get freshly-baked chicken, covered with some melted cheese, tavern ham, and bacon. All these ingredients are put into the grained bun and generously covered with Dijon mustard.  

    3) Italian Sub 

    What makes this sandwich Italian are the ingredients: it is cooked from the salty ham, capicola, cheese, and Genovese salami. All these ingredients are topped by the sauce at your choice and served with fresh Publix vegetables. This sandwich is created for the devoted meat lovers, which is also a perfect option if you want a filling lunch. You can order a plate of sandwiches for a home party or joint lunch in the office.  

    4) Ultimate Sub

    This sandwich was introduced almost 20 years ago and is still popular among the customers. The ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed by the combination of the nicely-cooked turkey breast, tavern ham, roast beef, and genuine Swiss cheese. The only thing you need to do is to select the vegetables and covering. The decades are passing, but this combination is loved by the majority of Publix customers.

    5) Havana Bold Sub

     Havana sub is a good option for people, who like experiments. This sandwich is made of the tavern and Peppenero ham, nicely sliced gouda cheese, bacon, and pickles. It has a delicate taste, which you will be satisfied with.

    The Art of Making Sandwiches

    America is a country of emigrants who have brought a lot of cultural and food habits to this continent. Moreover, even every state or region of the country can offer its own recipe for the sandwich. While the small family cafes are competing in making the unique recipes of the sandwich appreciated by the majority, Publix has absorbed plenty of international traditions. Therefore, Pub Subs is so popular among ordinary customers.

    Following the promotions of the chain is also beneficial for those who would like to save on the subs. Do it regularly and find out the best offers on your favorite subs.  



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