PRP Hand Rejuvenation, How It’s Done?

    There are plenty of side effects old age could bring, and sadly, your skin is one of them. Once you reach a certain age, plenty of us tends to experience loose skin, wrinkled faces, and so much more. While the effects of aging can seem like an unsolvable problem that we eventually have to accept, there are hair and skin science treatments to combat this.


    If you’ve been looking for options such as PRP hand rejuvenation, then this is the article for you. Here we will be discussing what PRP hand rejuvenation is, who should do it, its benefits, and how it’s done. This article aims to cover the essential points for those interested in going through this procedure. And by the end of this article, we hope you’ve learned the critical basics in regards to PRP hand rejuvenation.


    What is PRP Hand Rejuvenation?


    Your hands have a story to tell. They can reveal your age, your occupation, your level of activity, and more. PRP treatments for hand rejuvenation have become popular among health practitioners who want to help their patients tell their own stories. Depending on your client’s desired results, platelet-rich plasma for hand rejuvenation could be administered alone or in combination with fillers.


    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment became a popular non-surgical treatment option. PRP can revitalize the skin by infusing your actual blood plasma beneath the dermis. Cell development and collagen production are boosted as a result. It can also help patients with their facial appearance, texture, and volume loss. With this medical procedure, anti-aging therapies, acne scars, and fat transfers are all possible.


    PRP is The science used to address thinning and dry skin, wrinkles, and mass loss in the palms due to sunlight exposure and age. PRP is a pure version of growth factors, cytokines, and platelets that the body produces naturally. It improves the general health of the skin by controlling and stimulating healthy growth and regeneration, such as collagen and muscle tissue restructuring.


    Who should do PRP Hand Rejuvenation?


    If you’re looking for procedures that can heal some of the following here, then PRP hand rejuvenation should be something that you should consider. Of course, before opting to do this, ensure that you have sought professional medical advice. This way, you can find the best possible alternatives for your problems.


    • Veins that protrude
    • Skin that’s loose
    • Age spots on the liver
    • Excess amount of wrinkles
    • Loss of volume in the hands


    Benefits of PRP Hand rejuvenation


    It is not possible to perform a PRP facial at home. It must be performed in a medical environment by a medically trained expert. Clients will see changes after their initial visit. However, plenty of doctors advises returning every 4-6 weeks. PRP facial rejuvenation is for patients who want a natural way to heal fine lines, crow’s feet, acne scarring, and other issues.


    • Reduce acne scarring
    • Treatment for crow’s feet
    • Improve the color, quality, and smoothness of your skin.
    • Reduce blemishes and fine lines
    • Increase collagen and replace volume loss
    • Protects against sun damage
    • Skin elasticity is improved.


    How is PRP Hand Rejuvenation done?


    PRP Injections for Hand Rejuvenation are a fast and easy approach to revitalizing hands, regaining elasticity of the skin, and correcting the effects of sun damage and aging. The platelets and plasma are extracted from 20 to 60ml of blood collected from the client and are centrifuged.


    Many medical experts utilize micro-needling and micro-channeling with PRP as popular cosmetic procedures. The micro-needling pen is used to pierce the person’s skin and give PRP to the appropriate hand without hurting the skin. Collagen production will be increased, and they will tighten pores. Aside from this, the color and overall impression, the smoothness of the skin will improve, reduce acne scars and spots, reduce tiny lines and creases, and so on. These procedures require little to no time, and the benefits are seen practically immediately.




    While old age is inevitable, there are still ways for us to ensure that we retain our youthful look. Of course, proper diet and exercise should always be applied so that you remain young and healthy. But aside from this, PRP hand rejuvenation is an opportunity to have a natural process that, in a way, beats the side effects of aging on the skin.


    Saying all this, we do hope you have found this article informative and have helped increase your knowledge regarding PRP hand rejuvenation. With that, we wish you luck should you go through with this entire process.

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