3 Types of Glasses to Complete Your Business Look

    Glasses give a refined look to any person, making them look sophisticated and educated. Most people choose glasses instead of contact lenses because they do not like the hassle of applying and removing them. Choosing the perfect spectacle frame that fits your face and selecting the correct lens type helps you look fabulous and have better vision.

    Wireframe glasses

    Wireframe glasses with thin lenses made of polycarbonate or trivex help the business people get a perfect look. Polycarbonate is thin and made up of high-quality plastic, an ideal alternative to heavy glass lenses. Trivex lenses are impact-resistant and weigh very light, making them suitable for people doing lots of fieldwork in construction areas or factories. Business people traveling frequently prefer these lenses and high-index plastic lenses to glass as it is easy to carry and safeguard.

    People with severe eye issues often get heavy and curved prescription glasses, which gives them an old man look. High-index plastic is used to create thin lenses for such people, and they match perfectly with wireframe glasses. Purchase them from companies offering same day prescription glasses made of all the materials mentioned above with attractive wireframes.

    Rimless glasses

    Photochromic and polarized lenses worn without any particular frame are perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t want a distinct frame. Since there is no specific frame, it gives only a very subtle look and does not make the person wearing them look odd. They are a boon for businessmen who want to look stylish and tackle their eye issues at the same time. There is a general belief that rimless glasses make people look young as many students prefer to use them.

    Business people who work for long stretches before the system often prefer to wear rimless glasses. Selecting the right lenses will enable them to keep their eye issues under control for a few years. Rimless glasses are fashionable too and can go well with any outfit, making the business people love them. The lack of a bold and colored frame makes rimless glasses ideal for all meetings and presentations.

    Classic gold frame glasses

    Classic gold frame glasses are suitable for professors, business people, and doctors. It creates an intellectual look making the wearer feel more confident about their look. It creates the perfect business look coveted by management and marketing professionals. Rose gold frames and the dark copper gold finish frames are also flooding the market in the past five years. The timeless gold frame fits all prescription glasses and comes in numerous shapes and sizes.

    The classic gold frame finish makes a person look professional and intellectual at the same time and creates a posh look. Business people who strive to impress their clients with their status and brain go after gold frames to date for this specific reason. Recently, name and company logo encrusted in gold frames are gaining popularity and look stylish.

    Tips to take care of your glasses

    Wipe your frames with damp water or makeup remover wipes once a week or when you come home from sweaty places. Do not place them on the bedside table or the coffee table as they will get scratched by various other objects there. Always place them in their respected case covered by the cloth that comes with it.

    Buy a couple of such cases and place them in the locations you will usually keep your glasses. This idea makes putting the glasses on the case easier and keeps them safe for a longer time. If your lenses get scratched, try to change them quickly and avoid using them for a long time. Always change the glasses once in two years to prevent several eye-related complications. Wipe your lenses well before wearing them each time with the cloth given with it, and wash that cloth once a week.

    Frame selection tips

    Pay attention to comfort more than style while selecting prescription glasses because ill-fitting lenses will strain the eyes constantly. Always wear the frame for a few minutes in the shop to check whether you feel any irritation on the back, ear, or nose. Check for refundable or exchangeable frames and try them for a week as it will be easy to return them.

    The typical mild irritation of wearing new frames will subside in a couple of days. If you feel the frame is tight or causing constant itchiness, change them immediately. You might like the look and style of the frame, but it will only cause more problems in the future. Select another model similar to the look you want and comfortable to wear. Broken lenses must get replaced immediately, and never wear them with marks because they will affect your eyesight badly.

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