Preview of Stevie B’s The Journey of the Perfect Man

    Preview Stevie B’s new audiobook titled “The Journey of the Perfect Man” first chapter here. One of the biggest Freestyle artists tells his untold stories in this audiobook app.

    Hear the life story of Stevie B, The King of Freestyle, in his own words and voice in The Journey of the Perfect Man audiobook app. His childhood, his struggles, his successes, and his future are all chronicled with no holds barred. This is the, official, untold story of one of the 80s and 90’s biggest recording artists. A must hear for any Freestyle fan.

    See the man who recorded classics such as Spring Love, Because I Love You (The Postman Song), I Wanna Be the One, In My Eyes, Dreaming of love and many more in a whole new light and find out the real story behind his hits and what made him the legend he is today.

    The Journey of the Perfect Man written by Stevie B and read by Stevie B in his recording studio in Los Angeles, California. Download the audiobook app on Android and iOS today.

    Listen to the free preview of Stevie B’s The Journey of the Perfect Man

    Now you can listen to the first chapter of Stevie B’s new audiobook below!

    Make sure to visit to download the entire audiobook!


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