Pre-owned Watches: A Market in Full Expansion

    Due in part by the global surge in sales of second-hand goods, which has been growing over the last few years thanks to a new generation of consumers more concerned about ecology, the market for high end pre-owned watches has also been gaining momentum.

      1. Trusted Names in the Pre-owned Watch Online Market

    The resale of previously owned luxury watches is growing rapidly and some specialists believe that they will gain over market shares from traditional retailers in the years to come. However, a few high-end retailers who have been in the industry for years are saying that the increased interest in pre-owned luxury watches is actually helping instead of hurting them, bringing new buyers into the world of luxury watches as they acquire their first model at a lower cost.

    In order to achieve the status of quality and dependability they now have, the industry has been built on solid companies like Chronext, which has many years of experience in the watch industry. Thanks to their online store and offline boutiques, these new companies make it easy for clients to find what they are looking for and then deliver the merchandise through secured shipping or at their store. This enables customers looking for great deals on Breitling watches and other high-end models to find the watch that’s right for them, at a lower cost.

      1. For First-time Buyers and Collectors

    The pre-owned watch market caters primarily to two types of customers. The first consists of individuals looking to own their first luxury watch, at a price they can afford to pay. This group is made of a younger crowd, used to buying most of the products and services they need online. For them, finding the special piece that they’ll proudly wear on their wrist by browsing through pages of watches, is simply ideal. Also, this generation is more prone to acquiring second-hand objects, in order to preserve nature by not over-consuming.

    For collectors, this is a unique chance of adding to their war chest without breaking the bank. The cost of a luxury watch will vary according to the brand and model, but the price tag is usually substantial. By acquiring a pre-owned high-end watch, the buyer can save a lot with prices reduced by 20 % to 40 %, and sometimes even more, all the while not losing on the quality of the item. In fact, in many cases these resold watches have never even been worn or still look as if they just came out of their original packaging.


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