Political Swing’in Single

    Trailing on the constant headlines fueling different political agendas, Match.com surveyed 5,500 singles in 2015 revealing the results weeks after the big V-Day hoopla. While the outcome seemed shocking to some, it made complete sense to others including myself.

    Bridging the dots which outline the curves of a perfectly shaped heart, the survey suggests that political views really do matter when it comes to finding a potential partner. In fact, Match even rejoiced, “Good political conversation on a first date boosted chances of a second date taking place.”

    Although many dating authorities have addressed to avoid certain topics like religion, my ex (Lord of the Douche) and of course, politics. Now, research experts expose a new trend in dating- talk serious politics right away- if you are looking for something long-lasting that is.

    Someone’s convictions and political stance may often reflect their character. It can be very telling when assessing the type of person you are looking to build a connection with. Plus, it leads to more interesting conversation to get through the evening in any regard. Politics are very important to the younger generation-and why wouldn’t they be? Especially right now with the state of the union… Politics can be attributed to the core of a human being.

    Adverse viewpoints generally lead to heated conflict and contention, but solid similarities may really bond ties. As it turns out, people not only enjoy talking about politics on a first date, but they are 91% more likely to book a second date. Lengthy conversations about news and world issues contribute to the highest chance of reaching the 2 1/2 hour mark, supporting an increasing contingent for a second date.

    There are so many hot-button subject matters such as finances, education, immigration, equal rights, terrorism, campaigns, etc. Bottom line- when it comes to finding true love #YourOpinionsMatter. How you handle your disagreements will speak volumes between the dynamic and future of the relationship. Will you understand and respect your clashing controversies?

    According to the survey, most of the singles you meet are Democrats at 40% with just 19% identifying as Republican. Libertarians make up 2%, while 15% are Independent, and 24% are undecided or unaffiliated. Bonus note: Thirty-six percent of women would “ghost” Republican presidential elect Donald Trump, meaning they would avoid contact with him until he didn’t contact them anymore. This is ground-breaking scientific data.

    Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi insights, “If someone presents a pronounced progressive or conservative point of view on a first date, it may very well encourage a second date if the other person has a similar belief system. Political leaning allows for a “window into the psyche of another person” and people with similar likes are more often to establish a relationship. Despite popular presumptions, opposites really do not cohere or balance each other out the way they do in RomComs. Also, if physically attracted to someone but they come across as not at your level of thinking, the physical appeal will be minimized. Personality trumps (pun intended) everything in politics and real life.”

    While political season is in full-swing, the study provides a breakdown that highlights how singles court, seek sex, love and commitment with their views on today’s hot-button issues. For example: Which candidate is most kissable, or how likely Trump supporters are to have sex on a first date.

    Flirty or thirsty? Either way, this survey serves as a huge political platform for swinging singles to stir up a debate. By exploring the attitudes, behaviors and mindset of the current singles, the Match.com survey shows us “serial daters” how to bring politics into the bedroom.

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