Plastic Surgeon and Entrepreneur Expands Male Focused Practice to Los Angeles

    Plastic Surgeon and Entrepreneur Expands Male Focused practice to Los Angeles, Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech sits down with New Theory Podcast.

    Dr. Steinbrech had a vision which was most likely the biggest gamble of his professional career. Already with a successful practice in NYC which catered to mostly women and its was growing at a steady pace as NYC is one of the largest Plastic Surgery markets in the world. Rather than cater to 90% women, which most surgeons in his world do, he decided to dedicate a large part of his practice to men. This was in 2013 when men only made up for 9% of the market and ran the chance of crashing a successful Park Ave. practice. However, his bet paid off when he launched Male Plastic Surgery New York as he became the leader in Male Aesthetics. So much so, that Forbes called Steinbrech the “Go to Surgeon for men.”

    Now Dr. Steinbrech’s practice consists of mostly 80% male patients and his practice has grown as a result of his specialization. Rather than stop there, he decided to take another risk (he’s an entrepreneur at heart) and expand his Male Plastic Surgery practice into Los Angeles / Beverly Hills. He has hit the ground running as he has already booked out for two months as each trip is filled with new consults and already booked surgeries, which include mean seeking to augment pecs, butts and guts.

    We sat down with Dr. Steinbrech live from Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood as we discussed why coming to Los Angeles makes sense. Also this was a special day for him as we was supporting LA Pride, which means the world to him as a gay Plastic Surgeon.

    Take a listen:

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    Special thanks to Pump Restaurant for hosting us for the podcast.


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