For $hits and Giggles, How @JJCalilady Grew Her Account to Over 100k Followers

    After interviewing @TheHandyJ who continues to keep her account real and raw, she also is running a growing business.  The same with Jamie as she started posting memes for fun and after posting raw and non-censored content her account grew.  We’ve been following her for a while here at New Theory as she shot up from 50k followers to now north of 100k followers.  She is not like the Insta Hoes who buy followers, her engagement is real and spreading like wild fire.

    She is still treating this like a hobby, but we feel that she may have something bigger as she creates both original content as well as curates from other sources.  She is shy by nature, but nevertheless spoke her mind during her New Theory podcast interview,

    Take a listen as @JJCaliLady keeps it real and raw:

    If you don’t follow her, you need to immediately on IG:



    • Tom La Vecchia

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