Online Casinos Legality Explained

    Online casinos are websites that host both virtual and live gambling games. They have attained a lot of attention recently, mainly because of the sudden rise in online entertainment. However, a lot of casinos online have to deal with pretty staunch regulatory measures. 

    For the most part, regulatory measures are a good way to keep the industry safe and secure. One of the primary ways that we can determine if a casino online is safe is by making sure that it is licensed by a noteworthy authority in the field. 

    That being said, a lot of countries have gone as far as to outright ban online casinos, citing unfounded claims as the reason. That being said, many people don’t understand the laws surrounding online casinos. In this article, we will attempt to explain them as best we can.

    Outright Legal

    First thing is first, we have to talk about places where online casinos are outright legal. What this means is that there aren’t any laws banning the operation of gambling websites in the region. Naturally, if the laws don’t ban operating an online casino, then they also don’t have problem with people playing online.

    Legalizing online casinos is becoming a pretty popular trend worldwide. For example, American states are becoming a lot more open to the idea. The same is true in Canada, where Ontario has just recently legalized online gambling, with great success. 

    In order for a casino to operate legally in this regions, however, it has to be licensed and regulated. More often than not, the casino operates under a local license, after it has been tested by a group of experts. Once they’ve approved, the casino is in business.

    Outright Illegal

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have countries that have deemed online casinos dangerous, and have outright banned them. More often than not, these countries will cite safety concerns, as well as cultural or religious reasons.

    As far as cultural reasons are concerned, there is not much to be said or done there. Different people have different beliefs, and those beliefs certainly influence the society they inhabit. As for safety reasons, there have been no studies that show that online casinos are any more or less risky than land-based casinos.

    Regardless, a lot of countries worldwide have deemed to ban iGaming. That being said, banning it does not mean that they’ve made it inaccessible, which is another reason why many people are in favor of a safe and legal industry.

    The Middle Ground

    Between legality and illegality, there is a huge shade of grey. Some countries have made it illegal to operate online casinos. However, they’ve not published laws prohibiting fans from playing at offshore gambling websites. Indeed, this is the case in most American states today.

    People have, for a long time, expressed dissatisfaction with these laws. However, for the most part, they remain in place. In case anyone is confused, according to these laws it is perfectly fine for people to play gambling games at casinos, as long as the websites are headquartered in a different country.

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