One to Watch: Designer Amanda Pastyrnak

    AMANDA PASTYRNAKOne to Watch: Designer Amanda Pastyrnak

    Age: 28 ~ Company Name: Olga Pastyrnak ~ Type of Business: Women’s Apparel
    What you wear is an extension of yourself and your personal style. Your clothes communicate who you are and who you aspire to be. The women’s wear brand, Olga Pastyrnak, was created to afford every woman the opportunity to dress as the best version of herself. The collection embodies the perfect balance of modern sophistication with an unmistakable sense of grace. Chic and intelligent, each piece in the collection permits women to make a powerful statement about who they are in an elegant, poised way. The Olga Pastyrnak debut collection features six clean-cut, versatile
    pieces that show off a woman’s best features in a subtle and understated manner. From sexy tailored dresses to a structured tank top and a form-fitting skirt, this collection offers something for every occasion – whether a day at the office, an after-work event, or a Saturday evening date. Sizes range from 0 to 10, and prices range from $198.00 to $498.00.
    All Olga Pastyrnak pieces are produced in New York City and manufactured from the highest quality fabrics with skilled craftsmanship. Olga Pastyrnak is a women’s wear brand that epitomizes the personality and unique style of its founder and CEO, Amanda Pastyrnak. With feminine silhouettes in classic colors, Olga Pastyrnak is an “anti-fashion” fashion brand that turns the attention from the clothes back to the woman. The Brand provides wardrobe staples that today’s professional woman can wear to transition effortlessly from day to night.
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    Sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, while on a business trip. I was trying to write my personal statement for law school applications. It was so laborious, so forced, and I was having the worst time of it that I decided for some mental reprieve to put it aside, and instead write why I wanted to design clothes and build a brand. That narrative came so natural that after an hour it was done. I realized, if this is what I truly want to do with my life, why would I wait another minute? I sent that essay in to Parsons the next week and moved to New York to begin my study of fashion design that Fall.

    2 CENTS:
    Don’t follow the rules. Know where you want to end up and forge your own path that capitalizes on your personal strengths and assets to get there.

    Facebook: /olga.pastyrnak


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