New York Fashion Week Swag Bag Hype

    By Lubna Najjar

    jewelry-fashionFashion Show season is right around the corner and celebrity gifting is a vital take away for many buyers and media, celebs and influencers. Nicki Marie Jewelry pulled by NYFW producers, as one of the main swag bag must haves to be worn by celebs and buyers at the shows. Nicki Marie Jewelry is the Artistry of Eclectic Jewelry, giving every piece a Simplistic Edge. Sold in multiple retailers, in Ohio and sold at trunk shows around the U.S.

    View the collection online at and see what the hype is about and how you can dress like you’re at New York Fashion Week! Take that swag bag home with you and shop it online with free shipping for the month of September.eclectic-fashion-jewelry

    More about the hype with the brand!

    jewelry-on-shirt“Designing jewelry is an art, that is both innovative and creative, it is an expression of oneself”. – Nicki King. Nicki is a Columbus, Ohio native who has been creating handcrafted jewelry for a number of years. Having a passion for the artistry of jewelry design and being a lover of the arts, she designs jewelry that is focused around the illuminations of color, light, and angles, with the combination of mirrors, and metals such as sterling silver, gunmetal, antique copper and brass.

    When creating a piece of jewelry, she finds inspiration from the colors of season changing and the bold colors of different culture’s flags The shapes of the chosen pieces are shapes such as triangles, rectangles and ovals, in metals such as antique copper, gunmetal, antique brass and sterling silver. All curated to create the perfect pendant, cuff link, lapel pin and more. Then mirrors that are placed in the middle of each piece illuminate light color and imagery and is a symbol of ones inner-beauty.

    The process in creating a piece of jewelry

    • jewelry-fahionChoosing which shape & color combinations of either a single color or sometimes a combination to get the color.
    • Mixing the chosen colors and then placing shape of the pendant piece and allow it to dry for a day.
    • Apply the mirror, then a mixture overlay.

    Each piece is a blank canvas, bringing together both art and fashion with structure, texture, and color that is both simplistic and edgy. Maybe that’s why our New York audience is all over it!

    She has designed custom pieces for actress Tara Buck of “True Blood”, as well as renowned jazz singer Clairdee French, and seen on the runway paired with Lubna Designs for NYFW, NYLFW, CMH Fashion Week, and BMI Hip Hop Awards and Fashion Meets Music Festival.


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