Fall Style: Hottest New Trend

    By Lubna Najjar

    boots-fashion-2015 As the summer comes to an end, most fashionistas out there don’t think about the cold season ahead, they think fall colors, sweaters, boots, bonfires, and pumpkin spice lattes. But this Fall, there’s a whole new kid on the block, Kuhfs (kuhfs.com) the one accessory with endless possibilities.

    Kuhfs are a unique and versatile women’s fashion accessory that can double your wardrobe instantly. Kuhfs sleek and stylish designs can be added to the boots, jeans, leggings, workout pants and capris you already own, transforming the look and feel of those pieces instantly.


    Kuhfs also allows you to show off your personal style in a distinctive and dynamic way. Adding Kuhfs to your outfit will give you that polished, put-together look you crave.

    Each set of Kuhfs is personally designed by Amy Olson and produced in limited quantities to ensure you have a unique experience showing off your personal style.


    It’s a detachable cotton or silk fabric accessory that attaches to the bottom of cropped pants or at the top of that perfect everyday fall boot. It takes the outfit to a whole other level with the colors, variety and ways to wear.

    kuhfs-accessories-bootsIt’s the brainchild of Amy Olson, a designer out of Chicago. Designed, sourced and handcrafted in the U.S., Kuhfs has been featured in multiple style blogs and international magazines. It defines accessory and becomes an essential part of one’s wardrobe.

    Loved by many celebs like Carey Reilly of the Today Show and Delaina Dickson of VH1, Kuhfs is a must have this Fall and a perfect gift for the holidays.




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