New Year – New Resolution…Get in Shape

    The seasonal drop in temperature outside might have you longing to stay by the fire and keep cozy. But when it comes to getting rid of body fat for good – freezing might just be something that you want to sign up for. With so many options on the market for fat removal, reduction and sculpting – we sat with Dr. Fruitman of Trifecta Med Spa in New York City to answer some of your most pressing questions about this trending and cutting edge non-invasive treatment – Coolsculpting by zeltiq



    What is the differentiating point between CoolSculpting and other non-invasive sculpting procedures (Venus Freeze, TruSculpt etc.)?

    CoolSculpting targets only the fat cells and uses a cold/ freezing modality to permanently kill off unwanted fat cells naturally, whereas other procedures use heat and radio frequency to temporarily shrink or eliminate the cells. CoolSculpting has over 50 proven studies to prove its efficacy.

    Who is the ideal candidate for this service?
    Someone who is looking for a perfectly contoured new shape.

    Can you discuss (in Layman’s terms) what happens to the body with the treatment?
    CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat. The
    technology safely targets and freezes the fat cells under the skin for one hour. These frozen fat cells then crystalize and die. Throughout this natural process called apoptosis, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead fat cells through sweat and urine resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. Results can be seen as early as three weeks after the procedure and the best results are seen 60-90 days after.

    What is the ratio of men to women who come to Trifecta for this procedure?
    35% men and 65% female

    Why would a client choose a CS treatment vs. traditional liposuction? What are the benefits beyond the obvious?
    CoolSculpting is the high end and natural version of Liposuction. No needles, no downtime, no scarring. If Lipo is not done correctly or too much fat is taken out of the patient’s body, this can result in permanent harsh indentations in the areas treated. Often, patients are getting “CoolSculpted” to correct bad Liposuction results.

    Can the fat cells return? If yes, can they return to the same location or do they officially “die” and get deposited in other places?
    No, once the fat cell is dead it cannot return. If you gain weight after the procedure the fat will be evenly distributed throughout the body, helping the patient to maintain the new contoured shape.

    What are the recommendations for pre-post and après service (diet, exercise etc.); are there things patients can do to reduce any possible side effects before they have the procedure (i.e. For swelling/bruising etc.)?
    With CoolSculpting, there are no diets or exercise regimens that a patient must follow pre- treatment in order to see results. We do recommend following a healthy diet and regular exercise post-treatment. We’ve found that once patients start to see results they are more motivated to maintain them with diet and exercise. In fact, many patients have said this treatment is a great way to jump start a new healthier lifestyle. To help with numbness or late onset pain, ice and/or heat the area, as well as wear compression garments to manage any pain or discomfort; we can also prescribe medication if necessary.

    Can a patient essentially do a whole body treatment of CS in one day (multiple areas) or is it recommended to stagger treatments in multiple areas?
    Yes, patients can do an entire body treatment in one day. At Trifecta Med Spa you can opt for DualSculpting which means two areas can be treated at the same time using two Coolsculpting machines in as little as one hour! Not all CoolSculpting facilities offer DualSculpting, so we are extremely excited our clients get to experience this!

    How many treatments are recommended for optimal results? (understanding that patients will vary).
    The average patient needs anywhere from 4-6 cycles.

    Are there areas of the body this is not approved for? I understand there are a number of different applicators for the machine for different areas of the body.
    Trifecta Med Spa can provide CoolSculpting on the abdominals, flanks (love handles, Bra Fat), inner thigh and outer thigh.

    For more about CoolSculpting by Zeltiq and to locate a provider near you, visit
    Trifecta Med Spa has three locations in NYC area. Please refer to for more information












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