She’s Not Crazy, You’re Just A F*ckboy

    These types treat you like your the only girl in the world- but end up being complete assholes! Don’t hold your breath for too long ladies, his poker-face doesn’t last forever. With that being said- Why is it guy’s think it is okay to act like a f*ck boy? And- where did the term even come from?

    According to Urban dictionary, a f*ck boy is a person who is a “weak a** pu**y that ain’t bout sh*t.” In simpler terms, it describes someone who is not strong enough to step up and be a real man. In return, lashes out on the female- calling her crazy. These guys know how to spin it so us, ladies are in the wrong. However, we aren’t crazy. You are just a f*ckboy.

    Here are the reasons why…

    She wants to talk serious about your relationship…but you’re just into hooking up.

    A girl should not be deemed crazy for wanting to talk serious. Save the hookups for high school. Get it together. If a girl is willing to talk serious with you, don’t play her. Stop being a f**k boy and appreciate the fact she wants to be with YOU and only YOU.

    She’s straight up and forward…you’re still scheming on the low.

    Most girls typically don’t realize being straight forward and saying exactly how they feel is a sin. (Sarcasm much?) However, telling her she is the only one, and then back peddling on your words is pretty f**ked up. Scheming can only get a f**k boy so far.

    She answers your texts within a few minutes…you take a few hours.

    Oh, because I wasn’t aware talking and actually engaging in conversation with ones we have interest in makes us crazy. (Sarcasm for days…)

    You hook up with multiple girls in the same night…because she didn’t specify she wanted to be exclusive.

    Apologizing on behalf of all the girls out there, we can be ignorant for thinking we always need to make it known that we just want you and only you. Instead of hopping on what’s next, you should talk to her and be straight u- expecting you know how to be…

    She opens up to you about everything…and you spill it all to your boys.

    Unfortunately, nothing you say to him is confidential. He tells his boys everything. You may tell him exactly how you feel and your deepest secrets, just for him to twist your words and make fun of them with his friends.

    You only do nice things for her when you want something in return…she calls you out on it.

    She isn’t crazy for calling you out on your actions. You can’t possibly think she is crazy for speaking the truth. Girls know when you are only being nice in order to get something in return. You can’t go from being a complete a**hole to a nice guy overnight. We know what you are getting at.

    She stops hooking up with you…you talk sh*t to everyone you know about her.    

    Just because she no longer wants to be your booty call, doesn’t mean she is crazy- or you have the right to be talking behind her back. Say whatever you want, but you didn’t think she was gross when you were hooking up. She wasn’t “easy” when you were making such an effort to get her.

    She knows how to express herself…and you’re still locked in your raging shell.

    She isn’t emotional, you just have no emotions. You can’t blame us for being open and expressing our emotions. It’s somethingyou should try. We aren’t emotional, we know how to deal with our emotions. Plain and simple.

    You try and play her…and she plays your game better.

    Oddly enough, the same way you play your games, she knows how to play games too. No, she isnt crazy. You’ve just found someone who plays your own game better than you.


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    • Joe

      So what do you call a female that acts this way: a “fuck girl”?

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